Personalise Your Pieces: Simple DIY Tips For A Unique Home

Personalise Your Pieces: Simple DIY Tips For A Unique Home

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Unless you have endless pots of money to spend on essential pieces of furniture, the chances are that you will often have to go down the off the shelf route when it comes to kitting out your home. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, of course, but if you are looking for something more bespoke and unique, it will be a struggle.

However, with a little imagination, some DIY skills, and a dash of design knowledge, nothing is stopping you from upgrading those ‘samey’ pieces that you buy – and everyone else buys – and turn them into something special. Here are a few ideas you can try to get started – read on to find out more!

Get the paint out

The simplest way to jazz up your dull pieces of furniture is to paint it. You’ll need to give it a light sanding to ensure the paint sticks properly, which does require some elbow grease,. Then, make sure you paint on a primer or undercoat, before using your colour of choice. A couple of coats is enough to do the job of making your pieces pop, and just like that, you will have a unique feature that fits perfectly with your overall decor scheme.

Learn upholstery

Now, learning how to upholster furniture can take a while, but it is a fantastic skill to have. Not only can you choose different types of upholstery fabric to upgrade your old furniture, but you’ll also learn how to make something from scratch. Whether it’s padding up old projects to make them more comfortable, or adding different fabrics to make something unique, upholstery skills can serve you well.

Rough things up

Whynot turn something brand new into something more classic? Shabby chic furniture gives an antique edge to anything, and it’s incredibly easy to achieve if you know what you are doing. Sand down, prime, and use chalk paint instead of standard paint, and then seal it up with an oil coating. Then it’s just a case of distressing and sanding down edges, creating lines, and making your brand new pieces look like they have been around for 100 years or so.

Swap the knobs

Buy a standard chest of drawers or set of cupboards, and there is a cheap and easy way to upgrade it in no time at all. All you need to do is look around for some beautiful door knobs or handles, buy them, and then replace the standard fittings with your new ones. It can make an instant impact, and could only cost you £20 or so to kit out an entire unit.

The decal option

There are a vast array of decal and stickers you can buy for furniture these days. So, if time is short and you really don’t have the time for any serious DIY, why not check them out? Decals are perfect for kids’ bedrooms, of course, but many other stylish options will fit into your current colour scheme like a glove. Don’t overdo it and keep things as simple as possible, and you will have a unique look and inject some serious personality into your furniture.

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