Perhaps The Oddest Yet Most Useful Wedding Gifts In The World…

Perhaps The Oddest Yet Most Useful Wedding Gifts In The World...Image Credit

Perhaps The Oddest Yet Most Useful Wedding Gifts In The World…

Perhaps The Oddest Yet Most Useful Wedding Gifts In The World… If you’ve helped any of your pals celebrate their nuptials recently, the chances are that they’ve carefully constructed a wedding gift list. For those who’ve never lived together before or have been seasoned renters, the gift ideas might involve a toaster, a magazine rack, and a teapot. For those of a more mature age who have all the home essentials they need, they may request gift vouchers or money towards their honeymoon. However, there’s been a surge in alternative gifts in recent times. Ever thought about purchasing your best friend and her new lovely husband  a magazine subscription? Although acutely alternative, the things that are the quirkiest can often be the most thoughtful and useful gifts you can give.

Cup Holders

If you know your friends enjoy heading out on the odd road trip or two, why not purchase them a set of cup holders for their travels. Easily customisable to fit into any vehicle, this pair of holders could be just the useful ticket for when they’re out and about. With nifty add-ons like phone chargers and tablet compartments, this is the ultimate multi-functional wedding present. While it may not sound like the most romantic of gifts, sharing a cappuccino while out on the open road together can be bliss.


Are you tired of hearing your best mate complain about the cold draught she keeps having to endure from her windows? If she looks like she has a permanent cold and requires decongestant every minute of the day, you could invest in some double glazing and make this the perfect useful wedding gift. While other guests may be presenting them with egg cups, Egyptian cotton towels, and new bedspreads, you can change their lives for the better with a new window or two. While not the cutest gift in the world, it is definitely the most life-enhancing.

Car Service

If the happy couple has been flat out organising their big day, they may have had little time to consider the more mundane and everyday tasks of modern life. If their motor is giving them a bit of a headache or you know that there are some niggles with their set of wheels, why not gift them a servicing voucher for their car at a local garage. By presenting them with something that can provide real peace of mind and lessen their stress levels, you are providing them with something much more worthwhile than another whizzy kitchen gadget that may be stuck away in a drawer never to see the light of day.

Weddings are becoming more and more unique and bespoke. People can say ‘I do’ on a beach, in a castle, under the stars and even in their favourite cinema. Why not take this personalisation a step further and veer away from the common and predictable range of gifts that you might be tempted to buy. Think outside the box and give the happy couple a gift that they can benefit from, use and that enhances their quality of life.

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