Partying In Style Like A True Millennial

Partying In Style Like A True Millennial

There’s nothing like throwing a party that your guests will remember, at least if they do for all the right reasons. However, whether you are determined to have a better party than your friends – to become the preferred host if you prefer – or to create a cosy and friendly gathering, it’s important to think of ways to please your guests. With the majority of partying adults being Millennials, it’s always helpful to get to understand how this generation likes to party. Indeed, if you’re still stuck on the perfect parties from the 1970s with plenty of sophisticated cocktails or the not so innocent techno raves of the late 1990s, you might need to adjust to what the current generation calls a great party. Here are a few tips for you to party like a true Millennial!

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Reminder: Who Are The Millennials And Why Do They Matter?

First of all, it is essential to understand who the Millennials are. Roughly speaking, they are young adults aged between 21 and 36 – or 18 and 34 as of 2015 – although some demographers consider that everyone born between 1975 and late 1990s is a Millennial. The line between Generation X and Millennials is very thin, especially because they are identified by their social behaviour instead of their date of birth. What makes the Millennials the most important generation at the moment is because that’s what they are. A little simplistic? Maybe. But Millennials are currently the largest workforce population, and they bring a lot of new social challenges for companies and leaders to deal with. They are open-minded, honest in thoughts and feelings, and they have high expectation for themselves and others. Their idealistic tendencies will not leave you unmoved.

What Are The Millennial Social Trends?

Besides a romanticised description of Millennials, there is one key element to remember. Despite the dates selected by demographers, Millennials are best defined by their social behaviour. So that early adopters who would belong to the previous generation can already exhibit Millennials’ social trends. Millennials have postponed significant life milestones, such as having children and getting married. Indeed, the median marriage age has moved to 30, while for the previous generation it was 23. While that doesn’t mean that Millennials want to stay forever single, it means that they want to invest time in developing their career and lifestyle first. Additionally, their natural affinity for technology is reshaping the retail world: they like to compare prices and brands to find the best deal. Finally, Millennials are the healthiest generation. They care about their fitness level, their diet, and their overall lifestyle. In other words, you might want to ditch that cookie recipe for the party.

Social Media Worthy

Tech-savviness for the Millennials goes one step further. They don’t only compare content; they also create their own. The abundance of blogs and social media platforms is a clear evidence of this tendency. While it is common knowledge to laugh about their interest in social media – and how they love to record everything they do online – there’s a trend to take into account. For Millennials, a party has to be social media worthy. In other words, you need to give them something to tweet about. Booth-Ology, a professional photo booth hire, is doing just that by bringing props, décors and even magical mirrors to a variety of events – private and commercial. In the end, your guests get memories to share and images to upload directly to their favourite social platform. While this isn’t the only way to make your party social media worthy, it’s always good to put yourself in the shoes of a smartphone addict. This way, you’re sure to give them something to photograph!

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Beware Of What You Eat

With more and more children and adults suffering from food allergies, you will need to think twice about your food buffet. Salted peanuts and sandwiches are now difficult options for parties. Whatever you pick, it is essential to provide a few free-from options – free from nuts, milk, gluten, and eggs are basics – and to keep a list of the main ingredients for your guests to find by themselves what they can eat. Additionally, more and more individuals are suffering from intolerance as a reaction to food preservatives and other supplements. You might find that your party will be more successful if you stick to an organic buffet too.

Ditch The Booze

Sober is the new partying way for Millennials. Indeed, Millennials are less likely to drink alcohol. In fact, they prefer to turn to fruit juices – but not your dull orange juice; they are looking for extreme recipes – and health drinks. As a result, alcohol-free bars and menus are coming back in trend, and so should your party bar too. To put it differently, the next day hangover mood is nothing that Millennials aspire to. When they drink, it’s only in moderation. If they are going out, they’ll happily order an alcohol-free cocktail with kale, spices and a dash of lemon, because it’s healthy and good for the mind too. Not that Millennials are boring, but you should bring your juicer and a few boxes of greens,

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Go For Eclectic Music Styles

With tech-savvy goes digital awareness. As a result, Millennials are hyper-aware of international music and trends. While you can still play Adele’s latest hit, they would also be happy with songs from all over the world. Millennials are open-minded and fascinated by the cultural additions of other cultures. As they spend a major part of their time perusing the Internet, their notions of national and international music are biased. If it belongs to the online world, it is part of their national culture.

Be A Subtle But Effective Host

The old days when the host introduced guests to each other are long gone. However, if you are planning a large party, you may need to account for people not knowing anyone. You might want to take inspiration from modern table plans at weddings. Indeed, more and more couples are providing a mugshot of all their guests with the table plan – while you may not need a table plan, a mugshot is always a good idea. Some couples even offer a brief biography for each guest. It is hard work, but this will make it a lot easier for your guests to interact with each other. Additionally, if you pick a theme for your party, it already gives them a subject of discussion!

Gender And Race Fluidity

Millennials are a lot more open-minded than previous generations. You will find a lot of young adults adopting a gender-fluid behaviour, from their nickname to the choice of their clothes. It’s not about being gay-friendly, it’s about ignoring all the gender clichés. As a result, they express a form of tolerance for all individuals, regardless of their sexuality. In short, Millennials really couldn’t care less about your gay friend Brian. They just care about what Brian can do.

They Can Mix Work And Pleasure

Millennials are hyper-connected, using a smartphone as their main way of communication. As a result, they are often able to juggle pleasure and work during the same evening, as a smartphone is the key to access everything of importance. So, if you are wondering whether it is acceptable to ask one of your guests about a current professional project, it is completely fine. Millennials can easily switch on their professional brain during an evening. You will also notice that their natural sense of honesty and straight speech remain the same as they do.

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