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When it comes to weight loss it’s a minefield, from different diets and ‘supposed’ wonder pills, fitness regimes to detox plans and slimming treatments,  its enough to confuse anyone.

Whether you’re trying to loose 2-3 stone or just trying to shift the extra few pounds that have been hanging around forever it can be completely debilitating to try a diet and have no results. The amount of women that have spoken to me about weight issues over the years, especially in an industry where work can be based on appearance, is phenomenal. Obviously we are all different in shape and size, genetics and metabolism but one thing we all share when on a weight loss mission is that underlining confidence that is at a low because of the extra few pounds or stone we are carrying around with us. Do you get run down or ill easily? Do you have problems sleeping? Are you tired? Then it may all be linked to one essential element, Your Diet!

Over the years I have always monitored my weight and luckily have a pretty fast metabolism but also from an early age had been educated by my peeps to live a nutritionally healthy lifestyle. Let’s just say I wasn’t brought up on junk food, my mother being a former swimmer and brother competing for numerous sports teams meant I clearly knew the right and wrong food groups and pretty much understood the do’s and don’t of healthy eating. I have always been naturally slim but if I eat bad food and drink too much alcohol can put on a few extra pounds really quickly. This has meant that I developed a cycle of having good weeks/months and bad ones, especially before shoots or filming. I can easily put on 1/4 or half a stone when I’m ill/mega busy or alternatively when its cold outside, as all I want to do is fill up on carbs.

After having my first baby I had numerous tricks to help me loose the weight naturally combining my strict eating regime, with exercise and obviously breast feeding really helped so thankfully I got back into shape pretty quickly but as the years have passed and my daughter has become much more active, I’m busy with work and have a busy household to look after I found my weight not drastically but very slowly starting to creep up on the scales and my original staple weight had gone up by half a stone. So then I think damn is this what happens when your in your thirties? I try really hard to also include fitness into my hectic work and family schedule but it isn’t always easy, especially the days your child’s not in any childcare or if its only for a few hours and hubby is out 8.30-6pm wheres my me time?

I don’t eat tons of carbs but I do love cheese and chocolate  and just love my food so tend to eat fairly big portions of yummy food with good wine. I have exercised my whole life and eaten fairly healthy throughout however that extra half a stone just needs to be dealt with and the time is now. I have dipped into fad diets galore over the years always striving to be smaller and thinner, who knows why because we all know most men prefer a bit of shape rather than stick thin. Anyway time to try a new diet and for once I hope I can stick to it and see results. I thing I’ve never done is calorie count. A great friend of mine recommended an app called ‘My Fitness Pal’. I thought I’d give it a try but knew my will power isn’t great and i’d probably end up slipping. I’ve been using it now for 2 weeks and can you believe it am starting to understand the science behind foods more but also the reason why some people eat loads and never put on weight because they are fuelling their bodies with the right foods.

I have surprisingly stuck to the recommended calories and noticed my waist drop, it kind of helps control the urges to splurge on bad foods. Basically all the natural products are good and anything processed is bad. So what do I mean by natural well I mean go back to the days before processed foods, chocolate, fizzy drinks and think fruit and veg and proteins like fish and chicken. Take your diet back to basics. Basically you can eat endless amounts of fruit, vegetables and again lean protein like fish and chicken. If you eat a bit of chocolate or crisps thats fine but when you calculate the calories you will probably think ‘oh why bother’. A regular chocolate bar is the equivalent of eating 2-3 bananas. It makes you stop and really think about what your putting into your body and whether its genuine fuel for your body or just junk thats going to make your body malfunction.

If you think of eating more along the lines of fuelling the amazing machine that is your body and mind then you may just reassess what your putting into it. I know what you maybe thinking oh god how boring does that sound but actually it’s not, theres lots of great ways to turn bland food or dishes into something yummy with a bit of creativity, think shakes.

Since I started this diet I have been adapting my breakfast and instead of toast or cereals have replaced it with a banana/strawberry ‘Be Skinny Drink Me’ protein shake. It is so easy, all i do is combine a banana, water, some ice and the shake powder and hay presto a yummy start to the day. They also have an amazing product called Collagen Shots which I choose to include in my smoothies if you want more information on these products checkout: The shakes are all low in carbs and calories so perfect for calorie controlled diets.

If you start thinking let me look after my inside then my outside will glow it leads you to think nutrients and supplements ideally of the organic type. So along with my calorie counting and yummy slimming shakes I’m adding organic supplements to those smoothies from Organic burst. At the moment I’m taking Spirulina, Acai and wheatgrass to boost the immune system, help boost my metabolism, memory and so much more. Checkout their site for more product related information:

This is the first blog of many on my conversion to superfoods, supplements, shakes and weightloss. Regularly check back into my blog for exciting organic weight loss recipe ideas and advice.
With thanks to Rejuvenated Ltd and Organic Burst.

Love Naomi x


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