Online Nursing Programs Vs On-Campus: Which One is the Right Choice?

The internet and current information technology have transformed the education sector in different ways. Students now have different sources of information, including traditional libraries and online sources. Anyone can now attain a degree in his or her preferred field online. However, choosing between online and on-campus programs is not an easy decision because each has its pros and cons. You may want the convenience of online nursing programs but your mind is accustomed to the traditional classroom setting. Here is a comparison of the on-campus and online programs to help you make the right choice.

1. Class schedule

Most institutions have a fixed class schedule for their on-campus nursing programs. This means that you have to take time off from other activities to attend your classes. Some students have to quit their jobs and cut off social activities to accommodate their class schedule. With online doctoral nursing programs, you get a flexible class schedule. You can study at the most convenient time based on your work schedule. You have enough time for your family and social life. You can choose to study in the evenings or on weekends and use your working days to build your career.

2. Duration of the programs

Given the fixed class schedule, on-campus nursing programs have a fixed timeline. The programs take two to three years in most institutions. You may have to put some activities on hold for this duration to pursue your nursing degree. With the online program, you can put in extra time and effort where possible and complete the program within a shorter period. Some online students choose to skip the breaks in-between semesters to shorten the timeline of their degree programs.

3. Interactions with peers and faculty

One of the major benefits of on-campus programs is the face-to-face interactions with other students and the faculty. Students hold physical discussions, which enhance their learning. On-campus students can also engage their tutors in discussions on the tough subject matter in class. Online students miss the physical interactions with their peers and tutors. The online interactions cannot be compared to the physical interactions. However, online students have a large community of online students and tutors to interact with and share ideas.

4. Curriculum

Some students are reluctant to register for online doctor of nurse practitioner programs because they are unsure about the curriculum. Some believe they can only get a quality education when sitting in a physical classroom. The truth is that accredited institutions like Bradley University offer the same curriculum for online and on-campus nursing programs. Hence, when you register for the online nursing program, you will graduate with the same degree as the on-campus students.

Choosing between the on-campus and online nursing programs may be a challenge at first because of the many years you studied in a traditional classroom setting. The traditional setting gives you an opportunity to interact with other students and tutors in person. However, you have to give up some activities and sometimes your job to pursue an on-campus program. If you are willing to forego the interactions, you can get the same quality degree online. You will have a larger community with different backgrounds to interact with while studying online.

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