November Birthstones By Augustine Jewels



If you’re into astrology then you will appreciate this post about birthstones from Augustine Jewels!

Monthly birthstones symbolise the month of birth according to the Western (Gregorian) calendar. November is lucky enough to have two birthstones: Topaz and Citrine.


Both of the birthstones are associated with positive effects. Topaz is viewed as the more calming and cooling gem, whereas Citrine is a joyful stone and represents success, luck and bright energy.

They also come in an assortment of different colours, so, good news November-born girls – you’ll have plenty of choice about the hints you decide to drop for your chosen piece of jewellery this  month.Topaz varies in colour from yellow, brown and green to light blue, red and pink (it can also be colourless as well). Citrine is often translucent yellow to golden brown.

At Augustine Jewels Topaz and Citrine were a big influence in our recent South of France jewellery collection. Our sterling silver bangles, rings and pendants display the gemstones beautifully in sky blue and light yellow.


We were even nominated for Jewellery Designer of the Year for our use of natural gemstones in this collection.

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