No Time For Makeup? Think Again

No Time For Makeup? Think Again

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It seems the list of products that women need in their makeup bag grows every year. How many people outside of the pros were using primer five years ago, for example? Now it seems like everyone has one, and you can’t imagine living without yours.

Putting on makeup can be therapeutic; a little ritual that you end up looking better at the end of. Nevertheless, it’s also time consuming. While some women may have the luxury of being able to linger over their cosmetic choices, realistically, most of us don’t.

If you’ve found yourself stumbling around in the morning or applying eyeliner in the car wing mirror, you’ve likely felt the time crunch. Below are a few tips to getting a good result without having to set aside an hour to do it.


You may think you need the whole makeup case to get a good finish, but if pressed for time, you need to do the essentials. A primer, powder, mascara and eyeliner is a good place to start. The primer will hopefully disguise the worst of blemishes, and the powder will stop it from looking too shiny. Mascara opens the eyes and eyeliner makes you look awake.

It may be difficult to forgo the other, beloved products, but just sticking to these on days where the clock feels like your enemy can still work out.

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Blot Everything

You’re used to blotting your lipstick, but it’s not the only thing that can benefit. You can speed up your routine if you don’t have to wait for things to dry. Whip a cotton bud over freshly applied mascara to stop smudges while still leaving a good amount of product in place. Set foundation with specialist powders, or gently rub a paper towel over your face to remove excess.

Switch Products

Lipstick and stains take time to apply, usually involving more than one step. If you can’t waste seconds applying color and lining your lips, a gloss is a good option. The best lip gloss will give your face some color and brighten your smile, all for a few seconds effort to slick it into place.

A creme eyeshadow is going to be easier to apply than a powder; it will go only where you tell it, and require minimal blending. You can also opt for pencil eyeliners, which tend to be more forgiving of mistakes, than playing with liquid or gel options.

Feeling Tired? Focus On Face

If you’ve not slept well or are feeling rundown, focus on your face. This is the area most likely to expose your late night, as skin can appear sallow and drained of color. Use foundation for all over coverage and contour around the cheekbones to transform how alert you look. Furthermore, sparse use of a highlighter or bronzer can bring a flush to your face even if you feel like death.

On the occasions where you have the chance, enjoy the moment of being able to apply cosmetics at your leisure. On the days that isn’t possible, hopefully, the tips above will help you still look as good as you hope to feel.

Naomi Isted
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