Kickstarting A New Fitness Regime

New Year, New Body: Kickstarting A New Fitness Regime

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So many people say they are going to start a fitness regime in the new year, and yet few people do. Those who do rarely stick to their new routine. Starting a fitness regime in the new year is great for your health and for making you feel incredible – if you stick to it! If you want to start the new year by sculpting a new body, this guide to kickstarting a fitness regime will help you:


Start Off Slowly

Don’t try to go from doing nothing to going to the gym 5 or 6 times a week right away. It’s a good idea to ease yourself into it so you don’t feel overwhelmed with your new lifestyle. Get into the habit of working out, and start to love it. When you get fitter, stronger, faster, you can start to add more days in. However, you should be working out 6 days a week maximum. Working out every day is bad for the body, and rest days are crucial too!

Define Your Goals

It’s so important that you define your goals when starting a new fitness regime too. After all, why would you go to a gym or a class without knowing exactly what you want to do? This is why so many people get a gym membership in the new year and leave. They don’t really know what they should be doing, see little results, and give up. There are a couple of goals. You may want to simply get fitter and feel great. Some people want to achieve more aesthetic results with their body, either by losing fat or building muscle. Once you have defined your goals, you can then work out what type of exercise you need to be doing. For just about any type of goal, it’ll be a mix of cardio, resistance, and stretching. This makes for an overall great plan. However, the ratios you do it in will change. You’ll do more cardio based exercises for fat loss, and more resistance for muscle building. For general health, you can switch things up a lot. There are so many different forms of cardio too – some dread running on a treadmill, but that doesn’t need to be the case at all. You can do a class, go for a steady walk, swim, bike – whatever you like!

It’s good to remember that your goals should change over time as you progress. For instance, those who want to lose fat sometimes want to start building muscle so create more of a ‘toned’ look. Some become really happy with their appearance and want to maintain. However, maintaining doesn’t mean staying the same! You should still aim to progress in your fitness.

Focus On Your Eating Habits

Many think that it’s all about going to the gym and eating whatever you feel like, but this isn’t the case at all. Eating habits should be the first thing you think about. You could go to the gym just 3 times a week and still get awesome results if your eating habits are on point.

Getting confused about eating habits is another reason people quit. They think they have to eat only boring food, can’t have any treats, and some even think they need to starve themselves. This isn’t the case at all! You don’t need to go on any crazy fad diets, drink juice, or anything like that. Eating in moderation is always the key. Having plenty of veg, some fruit, and other natural foods is a great way to boost your health. You can have a few small treats thrown in here and there, and even a reasonable cheat meal if you’re being consistent. Some people like to track their food, others don’t feel the need to. At the end of the day, you must do whatever you feel confident with and what suits you the best. If you get results a certain way, great! Just make sure you’re not focusing on calories, and you focus on the actual nutrition you’re putting into your body. It’s a good idea to focus on health first.

Find A Plan You Really Enjoy

Once you have improved your eating improved, you can find a training plan that you really enjoy. There are so many plans out there that incorporate resistance, stretching, and cardio to help you get an idea of what you should be doing. Some are cheap, and some are a bit more expensive than others. It’s a good idea to read reviews before you spend your hard earned money, such as this Kayla Itsines review. You might even want to invest in a plan that comes with support and check ins from a professional to keep you on track. Alternatively, you can do loads of research using YouTube and create your own!


Change Your Mindset

Although your body may change at first, your results won’t last if you don’t also change your mindset. You need to feel positively about your eating habits, exercise habits, and yourself. You should learn to love yourself now, not later. When you love yourself sooner rather than ‘when you’re the size you want to be’, or whatever most people say these days, you’ll be so much happier and achieve so much more.

Remember That It’s A Lifestyle

This is a lifestyle. It is not a quick fix, and you don’t just go back to the way you were before after you’ve achieved your goals. It’s a journey. That’s why you don’t need to starve yourself, eat boring food, and go to the gym 6 times a week. You can fit it into your lifestyle as it is now. You can still enjoy yourself and be healthy. If you don’t see yourself doing it in the long run, then it’s unrealistic. Fall in love with the process and the lifestyle and it’ll be so much easier!

There you have it. Your new year guide to creating the body you dream of! Good luck and don’t give up!

Naomi Isted
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