Neals Yard Acupuncture


Neals Yard Acupuncture


Post baby, I’ve been suffering from a multitude of ailments; back pain, menieres and a weak bladder. I used to live for alternative remedies and a holistic approach to my lifestyle but then life happens and we can easily get caught up in the rat race. The chinese approach to medicine is one of a preventive approach. My routine used to consist of daily yoga sessions, superfoods and alternative therapies to keep myself fit and well.

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Since my gorgeous baby boy was born I’ve been back to work and crazy busy juggling motherhood and a work life. I knew I needed to take stock and aid my system so opted to try some Acupuncture. I headed to Neals Yard in Marylebone High St for a 45-1hour session with the incredibly calming and knowledgeable Ann.

After my treatment with Ann it has not only helped me restore my inner calm but also work out many causes to my aches and pains which doctors are far to easy to prescribe drugs instead of try and cute the problem. What an incredible session I’ve just had with Ann, I highly recommend her if your thinking of a overall wellness check.

Ann trained at the International College of Oriental Medicine and a member of the British Acupuncture Council which is essential that you know your therapist is properly qualified. With over 20 years of experience Ann starts the session by reading your pulse, checking your tongue and includes a detailed medical history. She also uses a technique known as stems and branches working with your date of birth. These combined give her a clear indication of imbalances she will work on. During the acupuncture she also applies a short session of craniosacral therapy which is so relaxing.

After my time with Ann I feel like I have a much better picture of my body and what’s going on which is just incredible. Her knowledge is just phenomenal. I went in with severe back pain and during the session it actually disappeared. Wow it’s just remarkable. Ann also works on children if they need a slight realignment. I will be back within the next few weeks for to help fix my body as quickly as I can and rid myself of the pressure I’ve put on my body living and working in a rat race.


The therapy rooms are Situated in their Marylebone store. This store is divine I could spend hours here; they have some incredible all natural products and remedies. You can make your own superfoods powders or herb teas. Think lifestyle choices and changes for a better, healthier you.

Checkout Neals Yard for your nearest store.


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