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Over the last few years it has become a growing trend to perfect ones smile. You rarely see a celebrity with bad teeth and it seems in this day and age we are much more
conscious about the way we look and feel. But finding the right person for the job can be the real task. As veneers and braces are readily available all over the market with
discounts and deals offered left, right and centre, it does lead me to wonder whether the patients best interests are at heart of whether its all about business.

So we went on search of a leader in the field to advise our viewers for ‘Harley Street Beauty’ on the correct and ethical approach to cosmetic dentistry. Once we’d found our man
we were over the moon with the extent of information he offered in all respects of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Julian Caplan is a British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry “Accredited Member”. Being a leading authority in cosmetic dentistry Julian is on the Board of Directors for the British Academy of
Cosmetic Dentistry
 and is one of a handful of dentists in the UK that is a sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has travelled the world
attending courses to learn from the grandmasters of cosmetic dentistry in the States and all over Europe. He also works alongside world-renowned dentist to the celebrities, Dr
Larry Rosenthal, mentoring other dentists throughout the UK to perfect their skills in smile design and cosmetic dentistry.

Julian lectures in the UK and internationally on cosmetic and CEREC dentistry. Dr Caplan is one of only nine dentists worldwide that has achieved “Accreditation” status with the British Academy of Cosmetic
Dentistry. Julian has a special interest in CAD/CAM dentistry, teaching other dentists how to use this revolutionary technology to make crowns and veneers in a single visit. He
recently lectured at the World Aesthetic Conference on the benefits of CEREC dentistry.

So I think its rather apt to say we found the best man for the job. Personally being on camera myself I have always hated my teeth. There was nothing terribly bad about them
they were just rather uneven. I had always contemplated veneers and had got into the mindset like many other people that I had no choice but to get a full set of veneers.
However the though of actually having my own teeth filed down left me with dread and to be honest before I met Julian I’d never heard of Invisable Braces and never even
considered that an option.

Naomi Before:

After a detailed conversion with Julian I was surprised to hear that I actually did have good teeth but just needed a little helping hand in getting them tidier. Julian kindly
recommended and offered to treat me with Invisalign Invisable braces and to see how I got on with that, if I wasn’t happy after the treatment then we could at that point look
into veneers.

Naomi Mid Course

Cosmetic dentistry involves applying an artistic eye to smile design, at Aviva Cosmetic Dentistry they combine form, function and aesthetics, taking a holistic approach to
patients treatments. Whether you want a dazzling “Hollywood smile makeover” or a more conservative look, they will educate and inform you of the best options available for you
and cater to your every need. For some, cosmetic dentistry may involve simply replacing an old metal filling or teeth whitening whereas for others a full mouth reconstruction
with dental implants, veneers, crowns, bridgework and gum contouring may be needed to give them the smile of their dreams.

Whatever a patients requirements, Julian will thoroughly analyse their smile from every angle and discuss all the possible treatment options with them, giving you the
opportunity to ask lots of questions.

At Aviva their mission is to provide an unparalleled level of world-class cosmetic dentistry utilising the latest technology and finest dental materials available. Check
them out

Aviva Cosmetic Dentistry offer adult orthodontics and the straightening of misaligned and crooked teeth using the world renowned Invisalign system.

Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-moulded to fit you. The virtually invisible aligners are changed every 2 weeks and gradually reposition your teeth
into a smile you’ll be proud of. Treatments times vary from case to case but are typically from 6 months to a year. For more information:

Invisalign is:

Convenient — it does not disrupt your lifestyle, you can remove your aligners to eat the food you want and clean your teeth.
Discrete — since the aligners are virtually invisible most people won’t notice you’re in treatment.
Comfortable — there are no metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth.
As one of the leading Invisalign practices in Hertfordshire we have a great deal of experience in teeth straightening

What’s more, a virtual 3D treatment plan (ClinCheck© treatment plan) shows the series of movements your teeth will go through over the course of the treatment.
This allows you to see upfront what your teeth are expected to look like at the end of the treatment. From the results of the ClinCheck treatment plan, your custom-made,
clear aligners are produced especially for you. Invisalign is the best way to transform your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life.

So for me the process was easy, I had a new set of braces every 2 weeks, I could remove the braces when I needed to, after the first brace you are completely used to the
sensation of wearing them and I didn’t really notice I had them in. Even better still I could even wear them whilst filming my pieces to camera and because they are
invisible you don’t notice they’re there.

Naomi End of Treatment:

Now I have come to the end of the process and I can honestly not believe the dramatic transformation of my teeth but also in a sense I feel much more confident especially on
camera and when I smile. When I look through old pictures its quite evident that although I didn’t let it get to me I subconsciously was uncomfortable with my teeth as I’m
always hiding them, never smiling. However now I feel my confident is back and the holistic approach that Aviva offer is so more rewarding than a quick fix. At the end of the
day some people have good teeth and need a little help to sort them and others will need veneers, but that should be an educated decision a patient makes with a dentists advice
and what is right for that patient.

I can’t say thank you enough to the lovely and knowledgeable Dr Julian Caplan and his team at Aviva Cosmetic Dentistry for not only all the time they put into filming Harley
Street Beauty but for transforming my messy smile into one I love and feel proud of. For more top tips make sure you tune into Harley Street Beauty Produced by Blondie
Media Productions airing now on SKY 266 weekdays at 3.30/7.30/11.30pm.

Also finding an artistic dentist is worth its weight in gold, someone that treats their work as an art, so if you are thinking of correcting your smile whether through braces or
veneers a trip to St Albans is worth the drive as your smile is for life..

Naomi xx

Written by Beauty and Entertainment Presenter Naomi Isted for Harley Street Beauty TV Series SKY 266 currently airing on Wedding TV UK, produced by Blondie Media Productions.=

Naomi Isted
Editor in Chief, Naomi Isted is known as The Ultimate Lifestylist to her readers and viewers. She is a TV Presenter and Columnist. Ranked in the Top 100 LFW Social Media Influencers AW14 & SS15, Brand Ambassador for Pears Soap UK. Her Celebrity beauty TV Series currently airs to 27million homes on Physique TV in UAE, previously on Wedding TV in the UK. She brings fashion and beauty advice to her readers and viewers on a daily basis. She is Fashion and Beauty Columnist for Herald Scotland and has a Fashion and Beauty Bridal Blog for HELLO. She can usually be found attending celebrity fashion and beauty events in and around London and sharing the latest fashion and beauty trends with her readers.

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  1. I’ve felt a little guilty looking into cosmetic dentistry, thinking that I don’t really need it, and can’t justify getting it. After reading your post, I felt a little more confident in finding a dentist to help me. You pointed out that invisalign wouldn’t disrupt my lifestyle, as I can take it out for eating and flossing. It sounds perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.

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