My Top 10 Travel Tips


My Top 10 Travel Tips – My job as a presenter and blogger means that I am so lucky and blessed to get to travel the world fairly regularly.  Which is an absolute dream and I have to pinch myself alot of the time. However hectic my travel schedules are, I feel so lucky to have my beautiful family, a job I love and get to travel.

As I do travel a fair bit sometimes with the kids other times without, I thought I’d share a few of my simple travel hacks to help ease the stress.

Preparation in Key:

Travelling is so much easier if you do a little research on where you are going, the weather, the currency and the places you might want to visit or things you may want to do while away.

Keeping the Kids entertained on board:

When I’m traveling with the kids I bring small wrapped presents/treats and reward the kids for good behaviour on a flight. Every hour of travel, I dish out a small present if they’re behaving.  It doesn’t have to be sweets or chocolate – I tend to choose entertaining gifts like colouring books, puzzles, reading books etc.  For the journey home, I pick a few small souvenirs from the places we’ve visited so they have a memento from the trip. It’s a great time to reflect on the holiday and all the fab memories we shared.

At the Poolside:

I always make sure I put my sunscreen on before I go anywhere near a pool, there’s nothing worse than burning yourself on day one and having to cover up for the rest of the holiday.

I always take Alflorex daily as it really helps reduce any bloating and keeps my ibs at bay, its essential to make sure I’m bikini ready. I mentioned it helped bloating to a girlfriend who actually doesn’t have IBS and she swears by it to keep her tummy flat while on holiday.

Eating Out:

I always research where are the best places to eat with children in the area if we are with the kids. However, if I’m travelling alone, with the hubby or for work I also find at least 5 restaurants I know I will like. I love fish restaurants and Italians where I can get great salad and seafood.

Suffering with IBS, in the past I have had to watch what I eat extremely closely, but have discovered probiotics allow me the freedom to eat so much more which is great if you are trying the local dishes. There’s so many people these days that suffer with conditions like IBS or maybe gluten intolerant and Vegan etc so it’s always great to have a good few options to visit if you can’t find anything adhoc.

Over-pack for the kids:

No one wants to do any laundry on holiday so I’d rather over-pack for the kids, despite my husband moaning that we always exceed the baggage restrictions!  I’m always amazed at how grubby they get with a constant flow of ice creams, sun lotion, sand etc.  Although I pack lots, I keep it light – lots of vests and t-shirts.

My Top 10 Travel Tips

1.   Don’t forget to check the expiry date on your passport.

2.   Don’t forget to check the dates of any visas like your ESTA.

3.   Always remember currency, passports and driver’s licenses where necessary.

4.   Put your room number and hotel address in your phone to make sure you never forget it.

5.   Whatever you do charge all your devices and make sure to take charged portable chargers, especially if you’re travelling with kids.

6.   Learn common phrases of local languages, a simple “thank you”, “please” and “I’m sorry” go a long way.

7.   Don’t forget any family medication and always have a few for the flight, I carry Alflorex to keep my IBS in check (especially any bloating), paracetamols and nausea bands just in case.

8.   Pre-Plan your outfits, before I started planning what I wear I’d find myself looking back at old photos wishing I had taken different dresses and shoes. Planning means I don’t have to worry about that.

9.   Leave room for being spontaneous,  I love to plan, but holidays are a time where you can sometimes go with the flow and discover new things.

10. Finally, don’t forget sunscreen, there’s nothing enjoyable being burnt on holiday and a good hair product, I love GK Hair products to keep my hair silky smooth in the sun and protect against damage.

Naomi Isted
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