My Secret to Strong Nails

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had weak nails. In fact I don’t even think I have been fully satisfied with them.

They would grow to a certain length, before going flaky and breaking off, and the vicious circle would start again.

It’s not until now that it occurred to me I need to find a way to stop this.

Diet can play a big factor in the quality of nails, however I know personally that I am not excluding anything in my diet that would affect my nails, but I did find out, it was because my nails are dry.

Below is a list of at home products that have worked for me when it came to my weak nail problem!


Petroleum Jelly

This is a very popular product that has been known to strengthen not only nails but help eyelashes grow too (bonus!)

I have been putting petroleum jelly on my cuticles every night for about 4 weeks now and I have noticed a vast difference. My nails are a lot whiter in colour and definitely stronger!

This is definitely worth up-keeping as the results are sure to get even better with more time.


Cuticle Oil

This is an obvious one really.

Cuticle oil acts as a moisturiser for the nails. I haven’t been using cuticle oil specifically but I have been using Hemp hand oil throughout the day. I also think this has been a big contributor to the quality of my nails – like the petroleum jelly, they are feeling stronger overall. A friend also recently recommend I try almond oil, as this is also – apparently – good at keeping nails strong – this is something I am willing to try after I use up my hemp oil!

These products I feel have contributed well into keeping my nails flake free and strong – so much so that I’ve actually grown them to a nice length!

Dry nails can be caused by a lot of everyday factors, which is why it’s important to keep nails moisturised and hydrated like you would with your skin!




– These at home remedies are from my own personal experience.

Do let me know if you have found other ways to combat weak nails!

Chloe Rafferty
Having always loved everything to do with fashion and beauty, Chloe knew this was the career she wanted to pursue.She has recently moved to London to start an internship in Fashion & Lifestyle PR, giving her a vast knowledge of the industry. She enjoys writing in her spare time and recently started a personal blog. She also loves reading, staying fit, meeting new people and eating good food!

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