My Haircare’s Creative Director : Denis Kovalyov, Shares The 3 key Trends For Illuminating Autumn Hair & How To Recreate Them

My Haircare’s Creative Director : Denis Kovalyov, Shares The 3 key Trends For Illuminating Autumn Hair & How To Recreate Them


With the final month of summer upon us, many are looking forward to the next season’s top trends in fashion and beauty. As the sun, ever so slowly begins to disappear, in the Autumn, it doesn’t have to in your hair. We’ve asked My. Haircare’s Creative Director, Denis Kovalyov to share his three (3) key hair colour trends for Autumn and how to easily re-create them with Infuse My. Colour Wash.

Denis tells us that the three (3) key trends in Hair Colour next season will be :

  • Copper Tones
  • Pearlescent Hair/Nude Hair
  • Brunette Contouring


Denis says: “I would say that Copper will be one of the key trends this Autumn ’17. Think: smokey peaches, cool coppers, muted, yet vibrant auburn, and Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra!” It’s easier than apple pie to create this top trend with Infuse My. Colour Wash Copper for the Autumn/Winter season- as you can simply shampoo it in. Infuse My. Colour Wash Copper is a truly unique product, as it has beautiful cool undertones to keep any copper shades looking wonderful. If you want your copper locks looking luxurious and not ‘carrot-like’ or orange do give this a try. The technology and formulation, allows incredibly even colour distribution, so you will never see patchy results, or no results.




Denis says: “Blondes are always in…and Infuse My. Colour Wash Gold and Platinum are a ‘Blondes’ Best Friend! Why? Well, because Gold and Platinum are the ‘tour de force’ when it comes to a glossy cool, pearly sheer finishing to blonde hair. Infuse My. Colour Wash Gold has cool undertones, which is designed to take off any brassiness, and allow golden locks to come through as sparkly and with illuminating golden tones. So if you want your blonde hair to shine like radiant sunlight in Winter’s dullness get on this trend now!”



Denis says: “ Hair stylists do hear a lot from brunettes: ‘I want something different, but I don’t want to lighten my hair’. The solution to this hair dilemma is brunette contouring. This is the easiest way to be playful with brunette locks while being commitment free. “ Infuse My. Colour Wash Cobalt adds cool ash tones to brunettes, while Infuse My. Colour Wash Ruby, adds beautiful subtle mahogany tones. Feel free to explore without the commitment to a chemical service and change your look and shade as often as you like. «

So whether you’re after a slight hue, or just more glossiness in your tone of hair colour these techniques and Infuse My. Colour Wash will instantly hit that REFRESH button and easily give your head the update this Autumn/Winter ’17.


Infuse My.Colour Wash comes in the shades : GOLD, RUBY, COPPER, PLATINUM & COBALT 250ml/£13.95 and are available here

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