My Birth Story

My Beautiful Cesarean Birth Story at PAH in Harlow using Hypno-birthing Techniques

After a horrendous birth experience with my first child five years ago, I was determined that this time round would be different. The previous time my daughter was big and I was induced two weeks early, she just didn’t want to come out so after 48 hours, copious drugs and completely worn out she was delivered with forceps and I had an episiotomy. Unfortunately by the time she was born I was so worn out and dazed that I didn’t actually take in the amazing experience. Then you are sent home with a new baby, there’s no real recovery time because babies don’t tend to sleep and I had stitches to contend with. So I decided to embark on a Hypnobirthing journey this time round to hopefully encourage a beautiful birth experience. I also heard of Umbilical cord stem cells, which I’d not heard of when I had my daughter. So this time round I planned to be much more organised as I knew what was happening.

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Firstly the hypnobirthing course I decided to follow was an online course with The Calm Birth School (to read more about it click on the image above). I’m a hectic working mamma and as you can tell with my blog am obsessed in technology so needed a course that would fit into our lifestyle. Suzy and Holly are just fab, the course is over 4 weeks and is completely online so you can juggle it around day to day activities. There’s about 3 videos a week to watch, a weekly learning journal to download and print, plus a selection of MP3’s to download and listen to. I got into a pattern of walking my dog and doing my daily calming breathing and listening to these MP3’s for about 15 minutes a day. I am usually incredibly hyperactive and a workaholic so found these calming exercises great for my day to day positivity whilst pregnant.


My birth plan was for a calm water hypnobirth, however a week before his due date I was told he was measuring super big and between myself and my fabulous doctor at Princess Alexander in Harlow we opted for a elective c-section. It wasn’t what I had initially anticipated but the safety of my child was the most important thing to me so I embraced the change. The consultants at PAH were fantastic I couldn’t believe once our decision was made how quickly they had organised blood tests and booked me in. Although I had everything planned for a natural birth suddenly a weight was lifted knowing how and when my son would arrive.


I then had the chance to very calmly make all the arrangements for my mother to have our daughter and my hubby to be off work. I then also called our Stem Cell company Cells 4 life to arrange the phlebotomist and could conveniently give them a time to be there. My private phlebotomist from phlebotomy UK already had another patient at the same time at another hospital but had arrange a replacement within minutes I was so impressed. We had the Cells4life Stem Cell box at the ready and had arrange with Galyna to meet us at the hospital.


I arrived at PAH at 7.30 after a lovely shower and had the chance to blowdry my hair so feeling very excited, organised and ready which was so different to my first birth experience. I used my hypno-birthing breathing all morning as I was obviously still quite anxious and it was a wonderful help. The phblemotomist was already at the hospital awaiting our arrival. The whole experience was just fantastic and I’d like to thank the fabulous team  of Midwives and obstetricians at PAH for their tremendous care. My birth experience from start to finish was a joy. Galyna our Phlebotomist was lovely, very quick and unobtrusive, she stayed in theatre the entire time. Once she had taken the blood from the Umbilical Cord then it was packaged up for a courier. My husband called the courier and they came to collect the umbilical cord blood for stem cell blood bank storage within an hour. For more information on Cells4Life Blood bank stem cell storage checkout my previous blog by clicking on the picture below:


Walking into theatre was a tad surreal but the entire team kept me calm and my breathing really helped. I sat on the bed had a spinal block which I can honestly say didn’t hurt but I think my breathing helped with that. I was in and out of theatre within around 45 minutes and had the most amazing joyful birth experience. The delivery was calm,  I wasn’t traumatised in the slightest and neither was our baby. As soon as he was born I wept and felt pure love for my gorgeous boy. Then we went straight into the recovery area.


Our beautiful big boy Rocco James was born 2nd April at 9.55am weighing 10.1lbs by c-section, so even bigger than we had anticipated. It was the most beautiful experience ever. We found out at the start of the week he was very big and both the doctors & I felt a cesarean would be the safest option. I was initially distressed as I had been working so hard for months at my hypnobirthing and wanting a water birth. But the safety of my child came first. I decided I would embrace the experience and bring my hypnobirthing into everything.

This time round the birth was a breeze, I was wide awake, alert and could fully appreciate the beautiful experience with my husband, plus I wasn’t in any pain or discomfort. I used my breathing throughout all the stages from theatre to recovery and it has helped me incredibly. I was discharged within 24hrs, at my stepdaughters birthday within 48hrs and celebrating Easter at my mums 72hrs later. Rocco latched on immediately after he was born and fed for 1.5 hours. I couldn’t have been happier and want to thank the @calmbirthschool for all the skills and reassurance I needed to enjoying a blissful birth and recovery this time round. I’d also like to thank the fabulous team at PAH in Harlow I cannot get over how neat my incision is, the obstetricians and team of midwives in theatre and on the ward were so supportive and attentive particularly Paula. Cells4Life thank you for your fantastic service.



My birth story


I’d like to thank:

The Calm Birth School –

Cells4Life –

Phlebotomy UK especially Galyna –

The obstetricians and midwives at Princess Alexandra Harlow and a special thanks to Jacqui Featherstone-

We’d love to hear your birth story please get in touch with the team if you would be happy to share your experience ladies. And please comment below x

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