Mid-Week Rejuvenations to Prepare You For The Weekend

Mid-Week Rejuvenations to Prepare You For The Weekend


Do you usually feel a need for an extra holiday at the end of a long one? Just a few extra days to recover from all the socialisation and trying to lead an active life; three more evenings to lay with a face mask and a couple of Netflix episodes.

Unfortunately, there’s never enough time for those pampering sessions we always look forward to – so let’s squeeze a bit of me-time into your busy week schedule instead. It makes it a bit easier to be out and about when the weekend comes, and you’ll have the energy to face Monday again with grace and gratitude.

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Start by treating yourself – or someone else

A mind that is constantly distracted should enjoy a long evening of relaxation that doesn’t include Netflix and leftovers for dinner. Believe it or not, but there are other ways to unwind and calm your mind down at home without just laying on the couch.

You probably don’t associate cleaning with relaxation but you really should. Include it as a part of your me-time, put on some soothing tunes, and enjoy the rest of your time off afterward. It will feel a lot better.

Other ways to treat yourself is, of course, to give yourself or someone you love a gift. It should be something you’ve been thinking about for a while, though, and those spur-of-the-moment purchases don’t really give as much satisfaction.

The art of giving is proven to increase your happiness and lower your stress levels, so get online and find someone you care about the perfect present. Make it a sustainable shopping trip, this time, and have a look at Brilliant Earth for some wonderful alternatives to browse through. It’s the kind of gift that will keep those feel-good vibes coming.

Have a spa day out

Mid-week spa days are usually a bit cheaper than the ones we treat ourselves to once every second year during the holidays. You should be able to find a few discounts online – and if you bring a friend, you may score an even better deal.

Consider other alternatives that are just as relaxing as an evening at the spa, by the way, such as meditation classes. It’s a great idea if you’ve never tried it before as the new experience can spruce your dull week of work up a bit, making you feel a lot more rejuvenated and worldly all of the sudden.

Go swimming

A trip to the gym can also make you feel like a brand new person – and you’ll look even more fabulous when the weekend finally arrives. If you’re a member at a gym that offers access to a swimming pool, free breakfast, and massages, take advantage of it and enjoy the money you spend for once.

A gym membership doesn’t have to cost you sweat and tears exclusively; hit the gym for a session of relaxation instead, stretch out in the water, and sit for fifteen minutes in the sauna afterward.

You’ll walk out in a daze, hungry and ready for a long night of sound sleep.

Feeling great and reasonably relaxed is easy enough when you dedicate time for it outside of the weekends. Find time for rejuvenation on any Wednesday of the week; trick your partner into giving you a foot massage, brew a cup of herbal tea, and let your shoulders down.

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