Michelangelo of BOTOX Dr Dan Dhunna

When it comes to injectables there seems to be much confusion on the market and we felt it essential to set the record straight for Harley Street Beauty viewers and went on a search for a highly regarded and respected aesthetics doctor.


With the injectable industry alarmingly being unregulated we hear horror stories of non-medically trained professionals being able to administer Botox® and fillers to the detriment of their patients who can end up with potentially devastating effects. Yet how can this be when someone is in effect injecting an individuals face without any university training or knowledge in physiology and anatomy? We see adverts a plenty for cut price fillers and it really does make me wonder how this is so unregulated and unsafe. BOTOX® is a prescription only medicine and thankfully new regulations have come into force that patients must see the prescribing doctor at each treatment. Both fillers and Botox® must not be done by beauticians and this is not supported by the industry, governing bodies or the manufacturers.


Who better to educate us than “The Michelangelo of BOTOX” himself, Dr Dan Dhunna who is the UK Country Ambassador for Allergan the makers of BOTOX®, Juvederm and Voluma dermal fillers.

Dr Dan Dhunna originally attended the Imperial College School of Medicine in London, whose predecessors include people such as Sir Alexander Fleming (Nobel Laureate, Physiology and Medicine) in 1994 and has been working in medicine for 13 years With his creativity and eye for detail ever at the forefront Dr Dan Dhunna had an epiphany whilst on a routine course for the use of BOTOX® in axillary hyperhidrosis (armpit sweating) and booked himself in on a cosmetic training course.

Being exposed to the cosmetic applications of BOTOX® and studying the aesthetics of the face, a whole new channel of creativity and excitement started to flow. Dr Dan Dhunna had found his niche! He is now an advanced BOTOX® Practitioner and trainer and has also  dvanced training in many procedures including dermal fillers, collagen stimulators and acne scar treatments to name all but a few!


His technique is well practiced and he has such an inherent eye for natural beauty that his injecting style was closely watched with interest by his trainers, the aesthetic industry and then by his own students. He now boasts clientele from everyday housewives, to celebrities  and wives of Sheikhs and CEOS with patients travelling from all over the UK and from as far afield as Australia and the Middle East for his artistic approach to Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatments.

Dr Dan kindly offered not only to educate us about the difference between good and bad cases, how they are caused and how and where to find the correct products and practitioners but also gave us the chance to experience his work first hand.

I must say I personally have tried and tested both Botox® and fillers and I’ve never been one to deny or hid the fact. When you’re a working mum and in an industry where you need to take care of yourself but sometimes get very little sleep, its great knowing there’s options out there to give a little helping hand at times. Saying this I have also had bad experiences in the past due to a lack of research on my part and its remarkable the difference going to a great doctor who has an understanding of the facial anatomy in only a way a doctor can, pared with an eye and skill for what they are doing. There is such a big difference when fillers are done correctly they look so natural no one would be able to tell yet your features are emphasized beautifully. This is the skill of a true perfectionist and expert using the best products and this is what I encountered when having the pleasure to work with Dr Dan Dhunna. I myself felt I was looking tired and gaunt and asked for his advice. He recommended I have a marginal amount of filler in my cheeks and this would lift my face and rejuvenate my tired look.

In a clinical study of 102 patients with facial volume loss, each patient received one treatment with Juvéderm® VOLUMA® dermal filler. Six to 18 months after the treatment, an assessment found almost 65% of patients’ facial volume was rated as being ‘very much improved’. And, more than seven out of 10 patients described their facial volume as being ‘very good’ during 6 to 18 months following the treatment. Juvéderm® VOLUMA® was developed to be smoother than other hyaluronic acid(HA) facial volumisers, making it easier to inject during treatment and resulting in a smooth, natural look and feel.

Whilst administering my fillers I can honestly say I felt no discomfort or pain, mainly because I felt Dr Dan Dhunna had given me a wealth of knowledge on the subject, so having a better level of understanding instantly put me at ease in his hands. Then the surprise factor, oh my goodness could fillers really do this for my tired face, wow the results were remarkable a fuller natural face and I love it. Each and every time I now look in the mirror I feel I’ve replaced a good few years and lost the look of a tired mummy after a good year of sleepless nights due to my toddler. I cannot get over how flawless my skin looks all the time without makeup.

So please ladies tune into Harley Street Beauty on SKY channel 266 to learn more from this extremely talented and knowledgeable doctor. Now I personally know how he got his title “The Michelangelo of BOTOX”

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Thanks again Dr Dan Dhunna for your patience and educating us on the facts.. If you want to find out more please checkout or

Naomi xx

Written by Beauty and Entertainment Presenter Naomi Isted for Harley Street Beauty TV Series SKY 266 currently airing on Wedding TV UK, produced by Blondie Media Productions.

Naomi Isted
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