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Maternity Photography with Amanda Clarke Photography

With my first child I never thought about maternity photography but during a recent conversation with a friend they suggested since this will be my last shouldn’t I do some lovely pictures to remember the last time I was pregnant. To be honest I’m not someone who naturally embraces pregnancy as some women do. When your carrying an extra 3 stone on a usually tiny frame it can affect your day to day activities and as I’m such a hyperactive fashion and sports enthusiast I find it hard to embrace my much bigger figure.  So the thought of baring my pregnant body for photos isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. But the plump skin and cheeks are one of the wonderful visual bonuses for someone like myself who’s face normally looks so skinny. Anyway I found a local photographer and decided to take the bull by the horns and put my fears aside to capture some beautiful memories which I’ll probably place on the walls of the nursery, as I love how these gorgeous shots turned out. I’m so impressed how they turned out and so glad I made the decision to capture the final stages of this special time.

Here’s a peak from our beautiful maternity shoot with Amanda:










I shot with Amanda Clarke, she came to me and was super relaxed and understanding. On the day we shot the photos I wasn’t feeling my best and when my daughter got home she was running riot with the dog but Amanda took it all in her stride and made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable it was a lovely day. Amanda is a portrait photographer based in Hertfordshire and works in London, Hertfordshire, Kent and Essex. She started her photography career here in the UK but  developed her own particular style while living in Texas, USA. She chose to specialise in portrait photography after seeing the brilliant reactions when people see a great photograph of themselves. She aims to make her clients feel completely at ease, and she likes to challenge herself to capture each person’s true essence in a photograph. She’s really easy going and loves working with people.


With thanks to Amanda Clarke. Here’s how to contact Amanda for a portrait or maternity shoot:

+ (0800) 772 3194

+ 07463 788970

[email protected]

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