Male Grooming Men’s Facial by Deborah Mitchell Heaven Skincare

Male Grooming Men’s Facial by Deborah Mitchell Heaven Skincare

by Kevin McBride


Touched by the hands of Heaven!

Male Grooming Men’s facial by Deborah Mitchell Heaven skincare

Facials are nothing new these days with most of us incorporating them into our skincare regime. However, with so many clinics offering these treatment it can be difficult to choose the one that is right for you. We all realise by now that as well as daily maintenance our skin requires something extra and that can come in the form of a facial. Many factors including stress, diet and of course the elements all take their toll on our skin especially the face. Therefore it’s essential you choose one that is going to benefit you.

I recently visited the Belsize Clinic for a treatment with the utterly fabulous Deborah Mitchell using her Heaven Skincare range. Deborah is the founder and inventor of these products and I was therefore in very capable hands. Her award winning treatments have been designed by herself and are offered world wide. Each treatment offers a combination of deep relaxation with aesthetic results. There is most definitely a focus on relaxation and de-stressing with these treatments as I was immediately put at ease and given an upper back, shoulders, head and neck massage. Whilst doing this Deborah was able to identify imbalances with my diet,  including my over consumption of dairy products namely milk (She was spot on as I LOVE milk!) and advised me to reduce my intake.

For the facial treatment itself the applications by Deborah from her Heaven Skincare range for men were as follows;

Hydro cleaning milk, Bee peel Cleanse and foam followed by Refining hydrogel and Dream oil. A Willowbee mask, Cooling hydrogel, M4M moisturiser, O2 eye cream and finally a Black bee venom mask!

I have to say I felt like I was in facial heaven afterwards!
Whilst these products worked their magic on my skin Deborah gave me an arm, hand and foot massage that felt fantastic (and almost put me to sleep!)

Throughout the treatment it was obvious that the Heaven Skincare range is luxurious as not only did they feel good but they smelt good as well. Almost immediately my skin felt soothed, soft and very smooth. I actually felt revitalised and in the subsequent days my skin was in a notably better condition. Deborah was keen to stress that this treatment wasn’t just a facial but an actual experience. She was right, it was an experience and one that I urge you to try. All I can say is that I’m very much looking forward to my next treatment!


Kevin McBride & Deborah Mitchell

With thanks to Deborah Mitchell @heavenskincare / Belsize Clinic @BelsizeHealthC and LisaJane @TotalAesthetic

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