Making Your Date Night Sparkle When You’ve Lost The Spark!

Making Your Date Night Sparkle When You’ve Lost The Spark!

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Do you make time for a date with your partner? Or do you have such a busy life with kids and a full-time job that you can’t even find time to do the pile of dishes in the sink? Date nights are so important for keeping up that romance with your loved one, and if you’re not careful, you can easily find yourself scrambling for any precious time together. So, if that sounds all too familiar, here are some ideas to put the spark back into your lives.

Schedule A Date Night
The reason there’s no time to have a date with your partner is because you don’t make time! Get a calendar on the refrigerator and write “DATE NIGHT!” on a date that’s less than two weeks away. That way, it’s close enough for you to not put it off, and it’s far away enough for you to make some preparations. Whether you need to make some home improvements to get your house looking date ready (which is very likely when you have kids and no money!) or to allow yourself time to learn how to really nail the cooking of that meal, it’s all about planning and making time for it.

Have A Bath Together
Room permitting, of course! If you’ve never spent time as a couple in the bath, you’re missing out on the bubbles, the romance and the opportunity to get busy. It’s all about making the right atmosphere, you can light candles, but if you’ve got a small bathroom then it can be like playing a game of sexy Tetris! Instead, you could buy some candle bulbs and put them in your light fittings. You can find candle bulbs here that have differing styles to suit your taste. Get some luxurious bubble bath, bath salts, and pop open a bottle of wine, and you have a cheap and lovely setting in which to get close!

Cook A Nice Meal At Home
What couldn’t be nicer than cooking together, and enjoying some kissing time while waiting for that pasta to boil? Or testing the food together while music plays in the background? Open a bottle and play some tunes and get close. You can get some great food for cheap. Why bother going out for a fancy dinner that’s so expensive when you’ve got everything you need at home? Instead of worrying about the bill, you can shell out for something a bit more expensive that will still cost you less than your meal out, and you’ll save yourself money on a cab ride home too!

Have A Picnic
If the weather is nice, what’s to stop you having a nice picnic in a nearby field? It’s cheap, delicious, and you can spend some time together as a couple in lovely surroundings. Get a nice blanket, find a bit of flat ground and you’re off! As an idea for a date, it’s probably the last thing on your mind, but picnics are peaceful, tranquil, and they are a great way to get cozy.

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