Making Mommy Money Moves

Do you not agree that there is a bit of a stigma floating around, that when a mom becomes a mom, a mom is all they’ll be? We think there is, and we think that all of you moms out there need to knock that right out of the park. As a mother, you’re perfectly capable of making mommy money moves. Yes, you can balance that work/mom life, you just need to get a bit more accustomed to doing it. Because yes, we will admit that once you first go on maternity leave it is hard to get back in to the mindset of working. But once you jump right back in to it, there’s no one more determined than a mother who is wanting to provide for their children. So, we’re reaching out to all you mommas out there who are looking to make some mommy money moves! Here are our top tips on how you can make such money moves!

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Get Yourself A Firm Career

By a firm career, we mean one that you’re going to be able to stick to for the rest of your life. Sort of like your forever home, this is going to be your forever job. Once you find this, there’s nothing to stop you from working your way up through the ranks, or even starting your own mommy business based on the job role that you have! One role that we think suits all mommas is something to do with organisation and control. You will have developed these skills without even realising during your first few months of motherhood! Supply chain management is just one career that we think would suit that, especially if you have an eye for logistics as well. Before returning to the world of work you could have a look at supply chain management online programs to start. It will give you the education you need to follow that particular career path! Even if you don’t vibe with this career idea, you could think of something else related that you would enjoy. The main thing is that you enjoy what you do!

Mommy Money Management

You aren’t going to get where you need to get with money if you can’t manage it. If you thought getting your money together before a baby was hard, try it not! Our best advice would be to make sure that you’re using apps to manage your money. They really do go a lot to help you manage your money, including telling you what money you should allocate to what day!

A Bit Of A Side Hustle

There’s nothing better than a bit of a side hustle, and just because you’re a mom and working, it doesn’t mean that you can’t chase something on the side as well! We think that blogging for moms is such a good idea for that extra bit of money. It’s easy to set up, it won’t demand too much of your time, and it really can bring in the money. Not only that, but it will help you if you feel as though you need a little something on the side!

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