Make Your Home Tech-Friendly With These 7 Unmissable Tips

Make Your Home Tech-Friendly With These 7 Unmissable Tips

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We live in a world where we constantly want to use our phone and tablets. In fact, we don’t like leaving them in another room! But while technology is constantly updating, our home is often still stuck in the 90’s! Therefore, here are seven unmissable tips you need to make sure your home is suitable for your modern lifestyle.

Get a wall mounted tablet stand for your bathroom

You might be surprised to know that a lot of people take their devices into the bathroom with them. This survey found 61% of people had used their mobile in the bathroom before!  But taking them in the bathroom can pose a risk. For one thing, you could end up dropping it in the toilet and breaking the screen. Also, it could end up getting water damaged if you take it in the shower or bath. And you can imagine how many people have ended up slipping when trying to watch something on their device. Therefore, you should consider installing a wall mounted tablet stand in your bathroom. That way, you can keep it out of danger, but still can watch videos on it while you are in the bath or shower. Also, you can get ones which extend so that you move it closer to you if you need to check social media! Installing one of these will definitely make your bathroom look ultra modern!

Add multi-room speakers

We all love to listen to music in the morning. After all, it boosts our mood and helps us to prepare for the day ahead. But when you go into the bathroom or head to the kitchen, you can’t hear the music playing in the bedroom! It can be annoying to then have to switch it off and turn on a music player in that room. Especially when you are half way through a song! But if you invest in multi-room systems you will have the same song playing throughout the house. You can fit the speakers in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen so that you can listen to the song wherever you are in the house. And you can get ones which you can control via your smartphone. That way, you can change the music quickly without having to stop what you are doing. You can check out great multi-room systems online such as the SONOS system for your home.

Invest in high-speed internet

I think we all have a zillion devices in the modern world. And we sometimes can end up using them all at the same time. For example, you might be watching a movie on Netflix through your smart TV, while surfing the web on your phone. And someone else in the house might be playing a game on the computer. When multiple devices are being used at once, it can reduce the speed of the internet. And it means we end up waiting for ages for online platforms to load. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a high-speed internet which lets you use a number of devices at once. Contact your internet services provider and ask them to upgrade you to a faster internet package which will enable you to use all your devices. And make sure you choose a good place in your home for the router, so that you don’t run into problems with slow internet.

Add a smart thermostat

In the modern world, we like to have access to everything with just a flick of our device. And one way you can get your home to be tech-friendly is by investing in a smart thermostat. It means you can adjust your heating from the comfort of your mobile phone! For example, you might be at work and want to put your heating on an hour before you make your way home. That way, you can make sure it’s nice and warm. Or you might forget to change the temperature before leaving for work. With an app, you can adjust it quickly before you spend a fortune! You can even get ones which let you control your hot water and lights as well. Check out these ways to get control of your home via your phone!

Get a smart security system for your home

Despite the fact you can get some excellent CCTV systems for your home, it can be a worry as you can’t check them while out and about. But you can if you get a smart security system for your home. It often connects to an app which you can download on your phone so that you can check-in to see what’s occurring! And if a neighbour calls you regarding an intruder, you can quickly check on your phone to see what’s happening at your house. It’s a great way to feel extra safe when you are away from your property!

Add some USB plates around the home

I don’t know about you, but I’m always running out of battery during the day. And then I have to wander around the house looking for a free plug. Or have to switch on my computer so I can charge my device. However, to make it easier, you might want to add some USB plates around your home. That way, you will have somewhere close to you where you can charge your phone. These plates convert the original outlet so that it now has two extra USB charging outlets. We bet these will be in every house in years to come!

Add a computer area in your living room

A lot of us have a computer that we use in our home. However, a lot of us have it in a different area to our house than our living room. But now that we are on the computer so much, it’s best to make an area for it in your living room. That way, you can use the computer while you chat to other people, or watch television in the living room. You can get some great desks which will look fantastic in your lounge, and will match with the rest of the furniture!

And remember to get a tablet stand for your kitchen. That way, you can watch videos online while you are cooking, so that you can easily follow the recipe!

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