Make Your Home Fall-Ready With These Essential Tips

Make Your Home Fall-Ready With These Essential Tips

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It’s hard to believe that long days of sunshine are coming to an end as summer closes its doors for another year. Although Autumn has its pluses (Pumpkin Spiced Latte anyone?), it does mean the weather can turn temperamental. Therefore, it’s time to get our warmer jumpers and coats out of the wardrobe to wear every day for the upcoming season. Also, it means we need to prepare our home for autumn so that’s it’s looking great for the upcoming season. And is also protected from the harsh weather! Here are some essential tips for making your home fall-ready!

Add some beautiful fall colours

One of the best things about Autumn is the beautiful colours the season brings. The orange and red leaves on the trees offer a gorgeous look first thing in the morning. Therefore, you can bring fall into your home by adding some beautiful fall to your home. It might just be some simple changes such as adding a couple of orange and red accessories to your property. For example, an orange cushion would look great on your sofa for the upcoming season. Or you might want to add a beautiful vase as a centerpiece on the table. You will be surprised what a big change a small accessory will make to your home. For something a bit more adventurous, you might want to repaint one of the rooms in a beautiful yellow or orange colour for the season. It will give the room a lift and will also make your home look perfect for the next couple of months!

Protect your garden furniture

When it’s time for summer to end, it’s best to start thinking about what garden furniture needs to be put away in the shed. After all, if you leave the furniture out, it could end up damaged in the rain and heavy winds during autumn. If you have covers for your table and chairs, you should get these out to put over the furniture for the autumn and winter months. And as we discussed before, if the garden furniture is left uncovered, it might end up in danger of rust. You can also protect the fences in the garden for the upcoming season by ensuring you stain them. That way, they will be water resistant during the colder months and won’t end up needing to be replaced for next summer. You can discover Mountain Home Building Products and other companies who do a range of staining products which repel moisture. It will ensure your backyard stays looking great.

Check your roof

It’s so important that you check your roof before fall arrives so that you can spot any issues early. Otherwise, the bad weather could easily turn any small issues into a disaster. You don’t want to end up with a leaky roof which will cause damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Therefore, you need to check your roof to see if you can spot any cracks or missing shingles. And as this feature explains, you need to look in the gutters for granules which could be a sign your roof is losing its coating. If you don’t feel confident enough to go up there, you should arrange for a roof inspection by a professional to put your mind at rest.

Check for drafts

Once fall arrives, your home will start to get chilly which means the heating will be turned on to ensure you stay flu-free during Autumn! However, you might be surprised to know that a lot of the time the hot air in your home is lost through your windows and doors. Therefore, before fall arrives, you need to check to ensure you have no drafts in your home. Check around the windows to ensure they are sealed correctly and no air can escape. You might need to replace the caulking if it’s in poor condition. Also, check the doors to ensure air won’t be escaping. That way, you will keep the hot air in your home and will also save money on your heating bills!

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Buy a useful rake

One thing which will become your best friend during fall is a rake! The leaves from the trees will get everywhere in your yard during the season and will need to be removed immediately. Otherwise, the leaves could end up leaving the lawn in bad condition, and they will look unattractive. Also, piles of leaves are attractive for pests and could soon lead to an infestation. Therefore, you need a handy rake which can be used to remove them from your yard. You may want to put them in a compost pile if you have one already. The rake will also be useful for removing the leaves from your driveway during the Autumn. For something more hi-tech, you might want to get a leaf blower which will keep your yard in good shape!

Get a new fireplace

A good fireplace is a must-have for the Autumn season. It’s ideal for keeping you warm when the temperature reduces at nighttime. It also means you won’t have to keep turning up the heating! If you already have a wood fireplace, it’s a good time to get the chimney cleaned out before you start using it. You may also want to stock up on firewood which you can use during the autumn and winter seasons. A fireplace is also an attractive feature in a home which will be appealing to put on when you have guests over. If you don’t fancy having the trouble of lighting a real one, you can buy many beautiful electric fireplaces which will look great in your home.

Seal the driveway

You might be surprised to know that one of the top areas of the property which can be affected in autumn is the driveway. The heavy rain can cause cracks in the driveway which can be a nightmare to fix. Also, it can damage the curb appeal of your home. Therefore, you need to seal the driveway so that water can’t ruin the material. Also, sealing the driveway will stop the color from fading after a bout of bad weather. Here is some more guidance on sealing your driveway.

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Sort out your heating

It’s likely that you will have had the heating switched off during the summer months. But now it’s time to switch it back on to keep your family warm, so you need to ensure it’s working correctly. You might want to get an annual boiler check so that they can check it’s working efficiently for fall and winter. As well as ensuring it will keep your property warm, they can give you advice on saving energy and improving insulation in your home. They will also be able to spot any leaks which will need fixing to keep your family safe.

Add some candles

One of the best things about fall is the wide range of candles which become available at the stores. You can get some great scented candles for your home for the season including pumpkin and orange. Adding these to your home will definitely give your home an autumn lift. They can also make the home look more appealing during fall. Therefore, buy some scented candles to add to your living room and bedroom.

Buy some beautiful rugs

A simple change to your home to make it fall-ready is to add some beautiful rugs to the floor. It will make the room look cozy and inviting as the weather takes a turn for the worse. A wool rug is a popular choice for the season as it adds warmth to the room. It’s also comforting in the bedroom if you currently have wood flooring! You will definitely feel ready for the season with a beautiful wool rug in your room!


Change the bedding

During the summer months, we tend to have a lightweight duvet as it gets so hot at night. However, in fall, it’s important to have a heavier tog duvet which will keep you warm and toasty. Therefore, it’s time to change the bedding in the rooms in your home so that everyone can stay warm and cozy. You may want to add a throw to the bed as well. Not only does it look appealing, but it will keep you extra cozy at nighttime! Also, add fall-colored bedding to help make the room look fantastic for the season ahead.

Fertilize lawn

It’s also essential to give your lawn some love when it comes to fall. Otherwise, you will end up needing to replace the lawn when it’s time for spring to arrive. As this article explains, you should apply some lawn fertilizer which will stop damage during the colder months. That way, it will stay in a good condition while there is no sunshine!

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, it’s now time to protect it so that it’s ready for fall. You can get many pool closing kits which will ensure that the water in the pool stays cleaner and will be easier to get ready next spring! As well as this, you need to get a great cover which will stop the water getting contaminated during autumn.

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