Make One Change To Reinvent Your Home


One change can make all the difference to your home but deciding which change will reinvent your home can be the hardest decision of all.

To help you out, here is a run-down of 5 simple one-step changes you can make to your home that will change its entire look.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – the place where you can relax and enjoy quality time alone or with your partner. It should always be inviting, comfortable and perfectly styled to your particular tastes.

The main focus of any bedroom is, of course, the bed, so if you’re going to make one big change, this is the one. Your bed should be exactly suited to your own individual style. After all, you do spend around 8 hours of every day here!

Don’t skimp when it comes to getting the right frame and mattress. A poor quality mattress and creaky springs will leave you unrested and grumpy. Go for luxury with this gorgeous canopy bed from BHS.


The Garden

Don’t neglect the outside of your home when looking to make a change. Your garden can be the perfect canvas for showing off your creative side with a showstopper feature or a superbly landscaped design.

Garden buildings such as pagodas and huts make a bold addition to your garden and are just perfect for outdoor entertaining. A particularly striking design choice is the inclusion of a thatched roof, which can be tailored to suit any shape or size of building.

Once your thatched hut or gazebo is in place, you can add cushioned seating, lights and even a fire pit to make evening entertaining with friends a comfortable and exciting experience.


The Kitchen

Often seen as the heart of any home, the focus of your kitchen will always be the stove. But why should you have to settle for something dull and ordinary when you can have something unique and exciting instead?

Your cooker should be the focal point of your kitchen, not just a place to cook dinner or make scrambled eggs in the morning. Aga do some amazingly bright cookers in their ranges so if you’ve ever desired a baby pink cooker or something in a royal blue – this is the solution for you!


The Living Room

Your living room is where you and your family or friends go to relax, socialise and take it easy. Whether you’re watching TV, chatting over coffee or discussing your day over a glass of wine, you need to be able to kick back and chill in this room.

However, you can still relax without needing the traditional two or three-piece suite. Sofas have come a long way since floral patterned upholstery and armrest covers. You can now express your own unique style through your furniture choices.

For fans of ultra-modern style, this Nova corner sofa in black and white should tick all the right boxes. Sleek and stylish with an eye-catching design, this is a sofa that will turn heads.


The Bathroom

If you have space for a roll-top freestanding bath in your home then you should definitely get one. They are stylish, classic and definitely make for a grand feature. However, if you are on a tight budget or are short on space, there are other options you can try that will still have an amazing effect on your bathroom.

Typically most bathrooms are small and tiled which makes them perfect for lighting effects. The key change to make in this room is light!

Installing inset light fixtures along your bath or shower creates a marvellous atmosphere once you turn off the main light. Safer than candles, these lights allow you to control the ambience of the room, depending on your mood.

Throw in a waterproof digital radio and a dish of fragrant potpourri and you’ll have created your very own mini spa, available whenever you need it most.


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