Make A Splash With These New Bathroom Trends!

Make A Splash With These New Bathroom Trends!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 14.22.24Looking for inspiration when it comes to designing your new bathroom? You aren’t alone, and this year interior designers have pulled out all the stops. Over the next few months, we’ll all be firmly embracing hotel chic, spa style tubs, walk-in showers, trendy wet rooms, and even vintage copper bathtubs. Let our sudsy style guide show you what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to the watery world of bathroom decor!

Vintage Glamour

There’s nothing more charming, romantic and picturesque than a floral bathroom with period furniture, roll top bath and brass fixtures and fittings. Thanks to costume dramas like Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge and Game Of Thrones we’re loving bathrooms that have character as well as emulating thr Victorian, Elizabethan and Art Deco era. However, as much as we love cut glass tumblers, porcelain jugs and freestanding copper baths no one wants to deal with old school sanitation. Bring your salle de bains right up to date with a top of the range power shower, eco flush indoor toilets, touch sensitive mixer taps and underfloor heating. If you’re a real fan of the vintage look then why not source some antique accessories?

Shimmer And Shine

Do you love the look of glossy hotel bathrooms and plush spa facilities? The way that the light dances on shiny white tiles and how elegant everything appears to be. Well, now you can bring that ‘wow’ feel into your own home thanks to shimmering surfaces, mirrored furniture, and glass shower screens. Not to mention being able to relax in a truly indulgent space that feels much larger than it is. This modern, contemporary look is perfect for smaller bathroom suites too as with the right lighting, color and accessories you can transform rooms from being dull, drab and enclosed into a light, airy and welcoming spaces. Think colored glass, wide square tiles, mirrored bath panels, reflective tiles and high gloss cabinets. All these materials are fantastic for bathroom use as not only are they fairly durable they’re water resistant too!

Natural Beauty

Popular in Scandinavian culture the use of natural materials is the ideal way to create a cozy, warm space as well as keeping your bathroom elegant and on trend. Polished wooden floors look amazing in their own right, but really stand out when paired with a majestic stone bath or basin. Why not install underfloor heating? Not only will you feel comfortable when getting ready but it also adds a certain charm reminiscent of ski lodges and saunas. Just because you wish to infuse natural elements into the room doesn’t mean it needs to look old fashioned.

There are plenty of ways to bring the outdoors indoors so to speak, without compromising on your idea of a rustic, minimalist or contemporary look. Be aware that stone is very heavy! All baths and basins need to be fitted properly, as well as making sure they’re not going to come crashing through the ceiling having weakened the floorboards. If you’re looking for a truly classic finish, then flagstones are excellent but they need to be slip resident and sealed to avoid any leaks.

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