Luxury Rolex Retailer Expands Globally to the Delight of International Travelers Everywhere


Rolex has a long history of making history. From reaching the depths of Marianas Trench to seeing the heights of the world on top Mount Everest, this luxury brand is more than just a name; it truly is function at its best. For those who jet set across the globe, it is these very luxury brands that make travelling so much easier and more comfortable. Luxury watches denote status as well as provide accurate timekeeping that phones can simply not replace.


For those who frequently see different landscapes and have made a second home in an airline seat, there is good news for you! The luxury watch and jewellery retailer Bucherer have made efforts in the last twelve months towards further global expansion. This move means that the quality timepieces and second-to-none hospitality found in Switzerland can be experienced elsewhere, including fashion capital London and across the United States.


In London, this enthralling experience can be found in what was formerly The Watch Gallery. Back in October 2017, the renown brand Bucherer had the pleasure of acquiring the company in a move that is applauded by both parties. This procurement further expanded their reach and popularity in European markets, as they are already the leading watch retailer in Scandinavia and a familiar name in Switzerland. The true win for international travellers, however, is in its recent purchase of the Tourneau brand.


This purchase comes after short ownership by the Leonard Green and Partners, who acquired the Tourneau brand from the Wexler family, whose retail operation incredibly dates back all the way to 1900, in 2006 for the sum of $355 million. In February, the Tourneau brand has now been sold to a luxury watch retailer with over 130 years of experience. This move will no doubt continue the high quality of service and brands offered, making it a huge win for international travelers everywhere.

The Swiss brand’s most famous partnership is with Rolex and has existed for almost 100 years. Ernst Bucherer partnered with Rolex founder and genius Hans Wilsdorf in the 1920s, before the brand’s infamy would become widespread and the alluring name Rolex known to everyone.


Other luxury brands which Bucherer stocks have seen history made, including the pioneering Breitling, who are the official supplier to the world’s aviation. This brand is one of the few who produces and equips all of its models with its own chronometer-certified movements. Also a family-run business, Breitling is one of the last remaining independent-watch brands.


If your interests truly lie in world history, however, you will also have the legendary Omega to choose from. This Swiss luxury brand was chosen by Britain’s Royal Flying Corps in 1917 to be the official timekeeper as did the American Army during WW2 and has seen some of the world’s most significant historical moments.


All of these watches have seen the wrists of key historical figures, from self-made legacies to presidents and even royalty. Swiss watches are lauded around the world for their precision, history, and design, and with this further global expansion by Bucherer, international travellers can expect better service and more options. Who better to acquire luxury watch retail brands than one of the oldest and most distinguished in Switzerland and around the world? Pick up your new watch today and fly in style, as a frequent traveller, you deserve no less.

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