Long Distance Relationship Perks

Long Distance Relationship Perks

Since the dawn of time, people were sceptical about the viability of long-distance relationships. For some people, a relationship which does not turn into living with each other after just under a year is basically a joke and might as well have not happened. Hopefully, this weird stigma decides to usher its ugly head out of the door in the coming years, but for now, people still have to be convinced that long-distance relationships actually work. In fact, not only do they work, but they come with some perks and benefits, exclusive to long-distance relationships. That’s right, the tables have turned, and if you have ever been hesitating about committing to a long distance relationship, then it might be time to realise that now is a better time than ever.

Long-distance relationship perks?

That’s right, and there’s quite a few of them too. If you are still rather doubtful of this whole narrative, then let’s see if the following reasons will convince you otherwise.

You can get lazy sometimes

Maybe not the best note to start on when talking about commitment, but this is really a huge bonus. Considering you don’t see each other every single day because you live together, or just see each other all the time, you don’t have to look presentable every single day. Of course, we want to look good for our significant others, because we love, and that’s just how it works, but even then that in itself can get tiring after a while.

More than friends with benefits

It might sound a bit far-fetched when you say that the relationships are more than just physical attraction, but long distance relationships are honestly as far as you can get from a relationship based around liking each others abs or waistline. The fact that both you and your partner would mutually put up with this distance between you, shows just how much love each other for more than just your bodies. As painful as the long periods without any intimate contact may be, you can be sure that when you get around to it, it is going to be extra special.

It’s easier to get into one than ever

Before, the only ways you met someone in a different part of the world was when you were out travelling. Somewhere out on holidays, or perhaps a business matter, and then there they were, the love of your life. Nowadays, globalisation has more or less taken hold of the planet and people in both Zurich and India are just about as far from you as a few clicks of your mouse. Other than dedicated services for meeting people, such as Macbeth Matchmaking which you can find right here, there are programs and website which allow you to communicate and meet people from all over the world. Social media, video games, online chat rooms, and just about anything else you can think of, all have the potential of letting you finally meet the love of your life.

You don’t have to be a full-time boyfriend or girlfriend

Don’t think this means you can just go and sleep around with others, that is usually not ok with your partner whatever the scenario may be. The point to be made here is that you can go and still have plenty of “me” time, indulging in your own hobbies, meeting your friends, doing what you want to do, rather than having to be there for your partners every need and want. As great as being together is, even for the first few years, you can always have too much of a good thing, and if you do, anything can start feeling like a chore.


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