London Fashion Week Survival Guide

       London Fashion Week Survival Guide

With the most important event in the fashion calendar just around the corner we thought we’d share some tips on how to survive the chaotic five days of London Fashion Week. Whether you’re a pro at this or it’s your first time we guarantee this guide will help you sail through the shows smoothly.






Carry trainers   

Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of comfy Converse. Pose up a storm in your stilettos for the lingering photographer’s but when it comes to dashing from show to show and running for the tube you’ll be very glad to have them.



An essential that you shouldn’t leave the house without. With shows and presentations running back to back you’ll often need to refuel on the go. Think nuts and seeds, fruits like bananas and apples, dried fruits and energy bars. We also recommend carrying gum.




 Stay hydrated

Carry a bottle of water with you at all times. You can even add cucumber and lemon the night before so you’re detoxing as you work! You could also pick up a smoothie or fresh juice to keep your energy levels high but of course coffee or energy drinks will do the trick just fine.

Essentials Kit

This is like your usual make up bag but updated slightly because you never know what may happen. Alongside your usual things we recommend getting some deodorant, hand sanitizer, painkillers, bobby pins, hair ties, hand cream, tissues and make up wipes. That may sound like a lot but just buy them all in travel size and you’ll be set.


The long days will take a toll on your phone or tablet’s battery, especially as you’ll be constantly using it Always make sure everything is fully charged before you leave your house. This is an absolute essential and you can go one better and pick up a portable charger too – they are as cheap as £20 at Urban Outfitters.




Use this to jot down your thoughts on a show or presentation, contact details and anything else that comes to mind. It’s much easier to write about the day’s events when you have a springboard of notes to start from instead of trying to remember every detail.

Good luck and we’ll see you there!

Mahum Masood
Mahum Masood is a recent journalism graduate from City University – one of the highest ranked universities for journalism in the world. Born and bred in East London she loves discovering all the new places and pop ups that make the area so exciting. Currently interning at a graphic design agency in Shoreditch as their Communications Managers. She has previously worked for Made In Shoreditch, an online magazine, and continues to create content for them.She also writes for – a student blog that was originally started 3 years ago and then franchised by the American company HerCampus - a hugely popular online community for women at university across the globe. Her interests include reading till her eyes go fuzzy, collecting fashion magazines and spending most of her time in a cinema.

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