Lights, Camera, Action: Make Your Movie Dreams A Reality

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If there’s one thing we can learn from people around the world, it’s that you can ‘fail’ doing something you don’t even truly want to do. So, with that in mind, why not attempt to actually do something that excites you instead? The thing is, with one life, the last thing any of us wants is to lie there on our death bed and have regrets. Don’t let what others say put you off – they’re pushing their limiting beliefs onto you.

Maybe you have dreams of making a movie. There’s nothing saying this movie will become an instant hit, or even a cult classic, but it won’t hurt you to try. Here are some suggestions if this is something you want to do:

Take Some Classes

If you’ve never done anything like this before, it can be a good idea to take some classes. You don’t have to, of course – there are many people who do this and simply teach themselves the ins and outs. However, classes can usually help you to grasp things in a shorter amount of time, and give you confidence as you get feedback on your work. You never know who you might meet either – you might meet a partner who helps you in ways you can’t even imagine yet.

If you really want to get this right, classes could be the way to go.

Invest In The Right Equipment

You need to invest in the right equipment if your movie is going to look good. That means doing your research on great cameras and buying the one you think will be a great investment. You could always buy something cheaper to practice with first, but unless you’re making a movie like the Blair Witch, you should probably make sure your camera is decent.

Come Up With A Plot

Coming up with a good plot is the first step to creating a movie. This is where a great partner can come in – you can both bounce ideas off one another and come up with something great. If you decide to go ahead with the plot, you’ll then need to create a script and find people to act in it.

Find The Perfect Film Location

A perfect film location could make or break your movie. You don’t always have to hire a venue like http://casaloma.ca/venuerentals.html to get filming done effectively, but it could be a good idea if you’d rather not film on the streets. However, it’ll depend on your movie and the plot.

Practice Your Editing Skills

Editing is all part and parcel of making a great movie. Practice and hone your editing skills to ensure your movie looks great. You could start off with free software before moving on to paid software.

Send Off To Independent Film Festivals

Got the finished product? Great! You don’t have to do anything with it if you don’t want to, but sending it off to independent film festivals is usually a great idea. You may not get many responses or success right away, but never giving up will take you far.

Get Started On The Next One

While you wait – start on the next one. Treat this like a career if you want it to go somewhere!

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