LFW Interview With Jewellery Designer Jenny Sweetnam


Jenny Sweetnam gives us the details on her SS16 collection. Find out which celeb has already ordered a piece from her new collection!   




Tell us about your new collection? 

Well basically I was trying to come with new silhouettes that would frame the body, like the earlobe but in a slightly unique way so with this collection I’ve taken gold hoop studs and turned it around so it sits flush against the earlobe while another design will sit just below the earlobe. So it’s classic looking with a contemporary twist to it so they quite intriguing pieces. I just want to frame the body in an usual way, such as the Revolve cuff which you wear in different ways to reveal different profiles.

I’ve also named this collection the Luna Collection. I’m capturing this idea that they are these bold linear shapes that encircle the body in different ways.

The Revolve cuff is in the top right hand corner and Jenny just made one for Solange Knowles in rose gold!

Which celebrity would you like to see wearing your designs?

Well I just made the Revolve Cuff for Solange Knowles in rose gold so we should hopefully see her in that soon! I’m pretty happy with her she has great style and really suits our aesthetics

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