Kevin Murphy Color Bug Review

Here’s a quick review of a hair product I used on a recent shoot 🙂

With lots of coloured hair chalks on the market and the trend for temporarily colouring our hair with crazy colours I recently came across a product called the Kevin Murphy Color Bug.


The Colour Bug is a fun wipe in, wipe off colour that comes in 6 colours – orange, pink, purple, white, neon & shimmer


With easy application and quick removal by washing your hair, the Colour Bug also adds body and texture to the hair leaving it full of life.

My Review


Photographer: Shooting Beauty Hair & Makeup by Jo Coletta

The model in the picture had really long hair and I wanted to create a shorter style. This I done by adding texture with products and tonging random sections to create some movement. Tying a very low ponytail at the end of the hair with a clear elastic I rolled the hair up and underneath itself until I reach the nape of the neck. I then pinned the roll into place with grips to secure.

Keeping the front tonged pieces loose around the face I pulled out random sections of hair from the roll and tonged again to create loose curls. This helped soften the look and to make it look more of a natural shorter style.

Application of the Colour Bug:
As advised on the directions of use, I used a cape for around the models shoulders and wore gloves.

I started by applying a styling product to the pieces of hair I was going to use the colour bug on. This is recommended to help the powder stick and dry to the hair. I applied the bug a few times to create subtle Pink highlights. I found by adding more pressure to the bug against the hair on application it made the colour darker.

As I wanted to match the Pink to the models lipstick I only applied very light pressure.

To get more of an understanding on how to apply the Colour Bug I have included the YouTube video by Kevin Murphy. The video explains in full what the results will be on different hair colours.

The results I thought were great and it was really easy and quick to use. I think it’s definitely handy to have in your kit as a hairstylist as they’re small and will last a while and perfect if you want to get creative!

Also fab for anyone wanting to try them at home for a fun day/night out.

Are they messy?
I had a little bit of product on the gloves I was wearing as I was using my hand underneath to support the hair I was applying it to and was rubbing it throughout the hair with my fingers so that was to be expected.

For any fallen colour from the hair after applying, I didn’t notice anything on the models clothes or shoulders. So no mess!
Where to buy? To find your nearest stockist please visit

Can’t wait to add the other colours to my collection!
Hope you enjoyed my review guys!

Love Jo x

Jo Coletta
Jo Coletta is a London based freelance Hair & Makeup Artist whose recent credits include regular on line and print editorials and advertising campaignsWorking with the Ultimate Lifestylist Naomi Isted for the past few years as her Hair & Makeup Artist Jo has attended numerous celebrity events and worked very closely with Naomi for her hit international TV series Harley Street Beauty.She can be seen regularly assisting back stage at London Fashion Week and Mens Collections and most recently was the key Makeup Artist for Ravensbourne College catwalk show for Graduate Fashion Week.With a keen eye for the latest trends in Fashion, Beauty, Hair & Makeup Jo loves to share her beauty and makeup tips and experiences via her online social media.Jo is extremely proud to be a contributor at The Ultimate Lifestylist and encourages and looks forward to all the readers feedback and comments.

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