The Ultimate Guide To Having A Stress Free Christmas

Don’t let the festive period turn into a stress inducing nightmare, take stock of these tips and enjoy it instead. Merry Christmas!


Prep, prep, prep 

Yes, it’s a very obvious tip but the more you do in the days leading up to Christmas, the more you can enjoy the day itself. Here are a few things you can do beforehand:

  • Have the turkey stuffed and ready to put in the oven early the next morning
  • Make the gravy and cranberry sauce early and freeze.
  • Do the same with your Christmas puddings, they freeze very well.
  • Partly cook the vegetables the night before and set the table as well – making sure you have extra’s just in case anyone turns up at the last minute.
  • Get all laundry out of the way and plan everyone’s outfits a day or two before.
  • Do the same with cleaning , doing it a little bit at a time in the week before rather than leaving it as one big chore the day before.
  • Stock up on batteries, snacks and first aid items – you never know when a remote will start playing up, a wayward guest will show up or an injury will occur.

Have Plenty Of Entertainment Options 

Everyone has different traditions when it comes to entertainment on Christmas Day. Some wait in anticipation for the Queens speech while others stick on a DVD.  A lot of families forego the TV altogether and play board games or charades. So whether it’s Netflix or Monopoly be sure you have a variety of options for your guests, and yourself!


Devise A Seating Plan

There is bound to be a clash of personalities and opinions at the dinner table. To avoid any unnecessary arguments or bad moods devise a plan of where to seat all your guests beforehand and create name cards; keeping those who are bound to argue or cause issues away from each other.  Keep conversation light and casual and away from any heavy topics that you know will strike a chord with any difficult guests.

Another tip is rather than having a separate children’s table why not seat them at the main table. That keeps the atmosphere lighthearted and everyone too busy to create any unwanted drama.


Lay Out Snacks And Drinks 

With the dozens of components needed to bring Christmas dinner together its no wonder that it takes time. Avoid rumbling stomachs and cranky moods by setting out some snacks. It doesn’t have to be an entire spread just something simple, cheese biscuits, crisps, and chocolates, that guests can nibble on while the turkey crisps up. Don’t forget to have plenty of booze for the adults too!




Mahum Masood
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