The month of May was the time I decided to sort myself out about how I was generally looking and feeling and to think about getting summer ready!

The start of the year has been a fantastic one with work but along with this my eating habits were becoming a nightmare and I started to feel urrggh in myself and constantly tired!!

I wanted something to kick start me into a few better habits and to feel great again and was recommended by the London Lifestylist Naomi Isted to try a juicing detox plan by the company Juicy Bitch.

After viewing Juicy Bitch social media pages online and the amazing comments people had left with the benefits of the juicing plans I contacted Faye Walsh the owner to send me over some more details.

Juicy Bitch Background; 
Faye was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and is now in remission. Faye has been researching healthier ways to eat and live her life and came across juicing. Juicing has now become a big part of her life and the health benefits that it brings, she feels amazing!

She now helps others by specialising in a 3 and 7 day detox which both have many benefits including weight loss, pure detox and can help improve skin, hair and nails.

The Plans & Costs
PLAN A: 5 bottle of Juices a day 

PLAN B: 4 bottle of Juices a day and a home made soup 

3 day detox Plan A – £45
3 day detox plan B – £50

5 day detox Plan A – £75
5 day detox Plan B – £80

7 day detox Plan A – £95
7 day detox plan B – £110

If you choose to detox for 3 days this is on average what your fruit and veg intake will consist of:

24 Apples
10 Oranges
3 Pineapples
2 Carrots
3 Avocados
2 Lemons
4 Limes
2 Cucumbers
1/2 Courgette
4 sticks of celery
inch slice of raw beetroot
3 big chunks of raw ginger
3 handfuls of mixed berries
3 handful of spinach
2 handfuls of watercress
3 handfuls of kale
4 tables-spoons of low fat natural yogurt
3 teaspoons of wheatgrass
4 teaspoons of spirulina
6 teaspoons of acidophilus bacteria powder
1 teaspoons of udo’s choice oil
1 tablespoon of mixed seeds
chopped mint.

They also offer different plans and added Wheatgrass and Ginger shots and the juices can be tailor made for you so if you have allergies they can easily adapt your detox plan to accommodate this.

I decided to go for it and try a 3 day detox plan which included 5 bottles of juice a day. My husband joined me on the plan but was a little bit more hardcore than me and went for the 5 day plan!

Faye delivered 3 days of detox each to my home on the Sunday ready to start the detox on Monday the next day.

My husband and I had 3 bags each which were labelled Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3 with 5 bottles of juice in each bag. 

Faye informed me that for my husbands final two days she would deliver fresh bottles on the Wednesday to cover his last two days and this also gives him the option if he was struggling a bit by then he could change the final two days to Plan B with the homemade soup.

As part of the plan they suggest that you do not eat any solid food but to drink plenty of water daily.

They also recommend to juice every 3 hours at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, & 8pm.The juices can be drank in any order but the soup option they suggest you have either 5pm or 7pm.

It is also recommended to exercise at least one hour a day.

My Juicing Journey and results!
As recommended I started on the Monday with my first bottle of juice at 8am.  To be totally honest I wasn’t looking forward to it as my diet never usually consists of much fruit and vegetables let alone mixed together!

But I must say the taste was amazing and really enjoyable. Nothing at all like I expected it to be. At that time in the morning I found the one bottle to be enough and felt full. 

I was out at work most of the Monday and Tuesday and took the bottles of juices with me. I sailed pretty much through both days and didn’t really think much about solid food.

It was only really at home I maybe struggled a little bit when watching TV in the evening – a known time for me and my husband to snack or phone for a takeaway!

I’d say the first two days were the biggest struggle for me as I’m a lover of caffeine and withdrawing from this I experienced headaches, but nothing unbearable. By the Wednesday though the headaches were gone, I had settled into the plan and started to feel energised! I also weighed myself and lost 4lbs which had also been hanging around for a little while and was over the moon that it had gone 🙂

Would we do it again?
Yes, Yes & Yes!!

I must say we really enjoyed the plans and Juicy Bitch have really got the flavours of the juices and soups spot on!!

I could have easily went on for a further two days like my husband who dropped 7lbs in 5 days.

It definitely gave us both the kick start we needed and it’s been nearly two weeks and we still haven’t reverted back to our old habits! It’s also got us thinking twice to what we should/shouldn’t eat.

We’ll definitely be contacting Juicy Bitch again in the future for a little pick me up 🙂

For more information about the plan please see below Juicy Bitch’s details. All prices include free local delivery to a radius of 15 miles, then after that a small delivery charge is applied. All plans are also available for collection 

Juicy Bitch
Unit 5 Broxbourne Business Centre
Fairway Cheshunt

Faye Welsh 07809 686820
Jodie Mottram: 07930 922874


Facebook Link:

Twitter  @JuicyBitchDetox

I would love to hear if you have tried one of these plans and your thoughts?

Happy Bank Holiday!

Love Jo x

Jo Coletta
Jo Coletta is a London based freelance Hair & Makeup Artist whose recent credits include regular on line and print editorials and advertising campaignsWorking with the Ultimate Lifestylist Naomi Isted for the past few years as her Hair & Makeup Artist Jo has attended numerous celebrity events and worked very closely with Naomi for her hit international TV series Harley Street Beauty.She can be seen regularly assisting back stage at London Fashion Week and Mens Collections and most recently was the key Makeup Artist for Ravensbourne College catwalk show for Graduate Fashion Week.With a keen eye for the latest trends in Fashion, Beauty, Hair & Makeup Jo loves to share her beauty and makeup tips and experiences via her online social media.Jo is extremely proud to be a contributor at The Ultimate Lifestylist and encourages and looks forward to all the readers feedback and comments.

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