Joie Every Stage Car Seat

Joie Every Stage Car Seat

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There’s so many different car seats on the market, we recently received the Joie Every Stage Car Seat and love it so thought we should share our thoughts as it can be really hard to pick whats right for you with such a choice on the market.

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So my son Rocco is now 13 months old and they say that its best to keep a baby rear facing for as long as possible but Rocco is a massive baby. He was 10.1lb when he was born and he’s also tall and long. Its also that weird moment moving from the first stage carseat to the next stage and I was holding on to the smaller stage as long as I could because the reality is when they’re in the next size up they’re not a baby anymore. If you are a mum you will know what I mean.

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So in his last carseat I can’t remember a journey where he didn’t cry in the car, he would cry on short journey’s but also long ones which are so stressful if you are travelling alone. I’d just got used to a permanent cry when I was in the car I just presumed it was the car he hated.

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So when my Joie Every Stage car seat arrived I was a tad anxious at my little man becoming a bigger boy and moving into his big seat but wow what a drastic transformation. Apart from the safety and technical bits which are obviously the key factors when buying a carseat, Rocco absolutely loved it. I could not and cannot believe the transformation. He is so comfy and happy sitting up in his new car seat that, not only has the crying stopped he actually loves it so much he giggles, which is just the cutest thing ever.

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What I didn’t realise was we could’ve prevented a year of tears as the Joie Every Stage car seat can be used from 0+. It retails for around £200 and can be used all the way to 12.

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The only car seat you will ever need! The Joie Every Stage car seat is four seats in one and will last your baby from birth right until they no longer need to use a seat at around 12 years old. It can also be used in the rear-facing position for longer – until your child is 4 years old. Alternatively if you prefer the seat can also be used in a forward facing position when you little one reaches 9kg (approx 9 months).

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The Joie Every Stage car seat features enhanced side impact protection with Guard Surround Safety™ panels that can be folded into the seat when not required. The seat will recline in both forward and rear facing mode for your child’s comfort and has an adjustable headrest and side wings to ensure your child is always safely supported and sitting comfortably as they grow. The harness is also height adjustable and does not require re-threading and can be stores away in the custom harness hideaway compartment when using the seat as a Group 2 booster seat for older children.


The Joie Every Stage has been designed with plush fabrics and cushioning and features built in ventilation with mesh side pockets for keep favourite items close to hand on your journey.

So we now have a very happy little man who happily spends his journey’s in the car staring out the windows, giggling and so comfy. I couldn’t have picked a better carseat I’m so pleased with how much he loves it and how long it will last us its ideal, so hope that helps if you are on a car seat search..

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