It Never Rains, It Pours: Stop The Weather Putting A Damper On Your Wedding Day

It Never Rains, It Pours: Stop The Weather Putting A Damper On Your Wedding Day

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Now is the time to start putting all the finishing touches to your summer wedding plans. I’m sure in your head, you see your big day as being a very bright and sunny one. But what happens if this summer has other plans, and it’s actually raining when the day rolls around? Well, there’s no reason to get too upset about it! In fact, there is plenty that can be done to prevent the bad weather putting a damper on your wedding day. Just remember all of these great tips and tricks.

Don’t Forget Some Shelter

Even if you would ideally like to have the whole day outside, you should always plan some shelter. After all, if it does turn out to be hot and sunny, you don’t have to use it! However, that extra shelter will be a godsend if the weather does take a turn for the worse. Couples often arrange to get a marquee or wedding tipis erected as shelter options. The ceremony and reception can still take place outside, but these options also give them somewhere that everyone can go just in case there is a rain shower!

Speak To The Photographer

It’s a good idea to speak to the photographer in advance of the wedding so that you can come up with a bad weather plan together. It’s often quite a bit darker on days when we have bad weather, so you might need to consider how this will affect your photos. Plus, all those great outdoor shots you thought you’d be able to get might become an impossibility! So, make sure that the photographer knows what you would want to do in case of rain and inclement weather. You’ll have to get creative (like maybe using umbrellas as props!) but this often makes for excellent photos!

Connect The Kitchen And Dining Place

It doesn’t matter if the kitchen isn’t connected to your reception marquee on a nice summer’s day. However, this could turn into a disaster if you wake up to a rainy day! Just think about it – the waiting staff will have to walk outside between the kitchen and dining are, and all the delicious food will be rained on! For this reason, you need to make sure that the kitchen and dining room can be somehow connected so that your food can always be served dry, no matter the weather!

Consider Guest Transport

If you are getting married in a rural setting, transporting guests back to their accommodation after could be a problem if it is raining. In rural villages, taxis will be limited, and guests might have to wait out in the rain for their transport. So, it’s a good idea to book a coach or a few taxis so that all your guests can be quickly taken to their hotels and bed and breakfasts once the day is over. If your guests have to wait in the rain, it could really spoil the end of their day!

Fingers crossed for a sunny day!

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