Is Your Work Damaging Your Health?

Is Your Work Damaging Your Health?


Like pretty much everyone else, your working hours probably take up the large majority of your time. We all see this is a given, but few of us actually stop to think about how our professional lives are affecting our health. There are various habits and behaviours tied to a lot of people’s occupations which can be incredibly damaging to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Here are some of the major ways that your job could be affecting your health.

First of all, a lack of movement. Whether you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, standing behind a counter, or in any other position which involves little or no physical activity, this lack of movement can contribute to a wide variety of health problems. Staying still for far too long is associated with increased risk of conditions like heart disease and diabetes. However, it can, and often does, cause more immediate physical pain as well. Using a keyboard and mouse, hunching over your desk, and staring at the garish light of a screen for long periods of time, can all take a serious toll on your health. Whatever your work entails, you need to be aware of the healthiest possible posture and how frequently you should be taking breaks.

Another major health hazard that a lot of people need to be aware of is exposure to hazardous chemicals and materials. As you probably know, we’ve screwed with the environment as a species quite a lot! As a result, countless people are now getting up in the mornings and going to a job where they’re exposed to all kinds of toxic or otherwise harmful materials. It’s common knowledge that construction workers run the risk of asbestos inhalation. However, it certainly doesn’t stop there! People who work at petrol stations, chemical plants and shoe manufacturers have all been known to be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Even firefighters and printing press employees can be at risk. It may be time to dig out the old health and safety book and become more aware of anything harmful you could be exposed to. Being able to hire the best representation for your benzene lawsuit won’t bring your health back!

Finally, sticking with a job you hate. I know that I’m very lucky to have a job I enjoy. For the vast majority of us, a job’s just that; a job. A means to gain income, keep a roof over your head and food on your table. While a job you look forward to in the mornings may be a tall order, there’s almost certainly an occupation out there which will give you a little more satisfaction than what you’re getting now. If you stay in a job that you truly detest for long enough, it will inevitably take a toll on your wellbeing. Despite what you may think, stress and exhaustion are serious issues, that can create or exacerbate both mental and physical health problems. If you find you’re just going to work for the paycheque, it may be time to reconsider things.

Naomi Isted
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