Is Your Home Lacking Personality? Liven It Up With These Simple Tips!

Is Your Home Lacking Personality? Liven It Up With These Simple Tips!

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Clean, simple decor in neutral colors can look beautiful and elegant. It’s perfectly on trend right now with so many of us craving the gorgeous simplicity of Scandinavian style decor. It can make even the smallest of spaces look bright, open and appealing. However, when you’ve opted for a very neutral colour palette and a minimal look, it can sometimes feel a bit stark. Rather than look like every other beautifully decorated room you see in home magazines and on Pinterest, how about adding a bit of personality? After all, your home is your space. And so why not make it reflect you and show off your style. Here are some of the ways you can bring personality into a room.

Add Texture and Contrast

Adding texture is a quick way to bring warmth and interest into a room. It could be with soft furnishings such as throws and cushions. You could add a large, exotic-looking plant and mix and match different types of furniture. For example, a rustic wooden table paired with industrial metal chairs gives a fresh, interesting finish to a room. A gallery wall using dark frames on a plain wall brings in contrast and interest. Gallery walls are a great way to let your personality shine through; you can choose a mixture of different prints and pictures that you love to customize it to you. Alternatively hanging things like artwork you love and things like vintage posters will bring your style into the space.

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Incorporate Statement Lighting

Good lighting will give a really high-end finish to a room. It’s also a fun way to add personality, in a slightly more unexpected way. It could be anything from a traditional grand chandelier to something really modern and unusual. As well as ceiling lights you could consider things like table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces. You could scour companies like [email protected] to find what you’re after.

Bring in an Accent Color

When you have very neutral decor, you have the luxury of being able to add any accent colour you want. So choose something that you love, and that inspires you! Having splashes of your favourite color dotted around the rooms will make them so much more personal to you. You could add vases of fresh flowers for a temporary pop of colour, or choose one or two pieces of decor or even a piece of furniture. Even if you’re not a fan of lots of vibrant colour in your home, you can still incorporate it in places to show your personality.

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Have Fun With Furniture

Choosing furniture that’s fairly classic means it will last over various decor updates, and you’ll get more for your money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match with less expensive pieces. For example, even if you have a plain sofa you could add an accent chair or footstool in an unusual style or pattern. You could upcycle a piece of furniture, or accessorize it in a new way. Such as adding unique handles or drawer liners.

What are the ways you add personality to your home?

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