Is the face of Fashion Changing?

London fashion week

I know its a tad delayed but last season, London Fashion Week has been and gone in its usual blur of hectic madness, but this season it felt quite different. The energy has shifted in the last few seasons. There’s been a definite shift since the sobering Brexit issue. Fashion is changing, it’s becoming faster and with the digital age, maybe in some ways, the rise yet demise of fashion. Back in the day fashion week was just for the biggest Buyers, Fashion Editors and Stylists then through the rise of “The Influencer” everything started changing. The new era of celebrity is the influencer and the power is colossal, a Fashion Blogger/Reality Star with a massive following could share a look, which her/his followers could click on and potentially purchase within minutes.

So the fashion scene has slowly changed and so has the purchasing habits of our youth. The beautiful aesthetic of Somerset House was an ideal location for every global Fashion Blogger to shoot their looks. Then the move to Brewer St for an edgier London Fashion Week and now The Strand, I personally feel has meant Fashion week has lost a bit of its magic. We are not Milan or Paris Fashion week, yet we are sometimes compared to New York and we are not New York Street Style either. We are London Fashion Week and I feel we should be retaining our heritage better or all will be lost. Maybe just maybe, the clock will turn 360 and in a few years it will be back to basics with only the key Editors, Buyers, Stylists and a sprinkling of VIP faces.

I’ve made it my mission to support emerging talent and you will always see me floating around Fashion Scout along with a few On-schedule shows but who needs the support more than ever, its the emerging designers. The bigger Fashion PR’s really don’t care, their approach is so different to the smaller pro-active Fashion PR’s who put their heart and soul into supporting their clients growth.

Yet all is not lost as we have some incredible talent old and new in our city. This season my all time favourite show was Malan Breton, wow the dark undertones yet wearable designs were magnetic, I want it all. Then there’s the talented Kolchagov Barba duo, each season they surpass themselves but wow they just have the innate talent to produce divine breath taking pieces. I noticed a running theme of trends shining through for AW18, there will be a lot of Gold, Burgundy and Navy… Yes is all I can say to that! Sequins will be absolutely everywhere; we’ll be seeing a lot of polka dots and sheer again this season with a real emphasis on a modern 90’s vibe.  Pam Hoggs show was typically outrageous yet utterly fabulous and rock. Great seeing the lovely Ellie Ray Winston, walking for Pam. I shot a campaign with Ellie the previous week for Vogue for the amazing talent that is Jayne Pierson, and she’s a total sweetheart.

This season I choose to stay at a serviced apartment “Merino Hospitality” just off Chancery Lane and it was the best decision ever. The apartment was ideal for the creative Fashionista set as it is just a 5 minute walk from The Strand, yet in such a peaceful location I actually woke completely energised in the mornings. It felt like a home from home and my mornings spent people watching from the full length windows meant I started each glorious day feeling inspired.

Checkout above few of my favourites looks and brands this fashion week, all shot by the hubby @haydnisted.

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Naomi Isted
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