Introduce Some Autumn Style Into Your Home


The autumn season has some of the best inspirational themes and colours for your home décor and now is the time to start.

Before those dark winter nights roll in, bring some autumn style into your home with these simple but effective ideas;


Images of candlelight and open fireplaces are common when thinking of autumn and can be used as inspiration when you’re looking to brighten up your decor. An open fireplace doesn’t necessarily have to have a fire in it to look good. How about placing an autumnal flower arrangement there instead? Or hang garlands made from dried fruits and beads across for an eye-catching decoration.

For lightening up your outdoor spaces, old jam jars make ideal lanterns. All you need to do is wrap some strong wire or chain around the neck and drop in a tea-light. String up several in a row and you’ll have a beautiful candlelit decoration ready for your garden or patio.


Warm Colours

The colours of autumn are natural browns and mahogany, rich berry shades and eye-catching golds and bronzes.

It is so easy to add this colour scheme to any room of your house with a little creative thinking. During the colder months, you’ll want to make sure your living room stays snug so grab yourself a new throw in copper or terracotta cushions for your sofa.


In the bathroom, berry-scented candles and decorative pine cones in a glass dish make for subtle yet beautiful finishing touches.


One of the biggest holidays of the year occurs in autumn – Halloween. Whether you love it or hate it, chances are at some point this October you will have to join in so why not do it on your own terms?

Halloween can offer some great inspiration for your home as well. Unusual flower arrangements can give your home a spooky touch without being too ‘out there.’ Black roses, or even dark red if you can’t find black, would make a fantastic window display for Halloween.


And if you are looking to get dressed up for Halloween, there are many subtle spooky ways you can add an elegant yet dark finish to your look.


Traditionally, autumn was a time for harvesting food and storing it up for the winter. With modern technology, this practice isn’t as common in our homes as days gone by but you can still take inspiration for your home décor.

Dried fruits, fragrant plants such as pine, feathers and flowers can go together to make stunning centrepieces that also give your rooms a lovely autumnal aroma. In the US, Thanksgiving is a huge celebration and decorations make up a big part of the festivities.

Take inspiration from our friends across the pond and decorate your next dinner party table with a centrepiece inspired by the British autumn. You’ll find fruits such as blackberries, plums and damsons growing everywhere and a scattering of nuts and seeds can add some extra colour and texture.


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