Intro to Millennial Tastes and Guide to Winter Fashion

Intro to Millennial Tastes and Guide to Winter Fashion

Millennials are ushering the new generation in, and with it comes a new shift in the trends of the fashion industry. The sheer large numbers of the young ones in the country means that they have the most influence when it comes to changing the shape of the economy by buying power and general inclination. In fact, they are so influential that the iconic brands that sit atop the fashion industry are heeding what millennials want in their clothing.

In the fast age of dynamic technology, many millennials have grown up being familiar with the internet. They are influenced by it just as they themselves also wield influence. In lieu of traditional media like radio and television, the internet has given birth to the era of social media stars and online personalities that hold some sway over the recourse of almost everything, especially fashion. Additionally, trends become instantaneous when they go viral, but they go away just as fast they appear.

The Power of Social Media

Popular online personalities have become who they are because of their huge following, and brands are employing them to market their clothing. Online shopping has become extremely popular that one only needs a couple of clicks and a banking account to purchase something. This doesn’t mean that millennials are blindly following trends, because, as first-generation digital natives, they are highly aware of social issues and open about their support for advocacies.

In order to cater to millennials, fashion brands are changing themselves in order to be noticed or stay relevant. Tastes and style adapt to the current climate of the country and the same is still true for the young generation. In a turbulent time of economic and political crises, millennials are looking for practical yet stylish clothing that celebrates individuality.

Millennials know when a brand is true to its core or not. Their expert use of social media and browsing gives them the power to sleuth and sniff out inauthentic clothing brands that don’t look into their social responsibilities. The majority of them care about environmental consciousness and protection and minority representation.

The age of social media has allowed people to spread information more easily, and that is why they are aware that the fashion industry produces a significant amount of waste and carbon footprint. That is why most millennials go for sustainable indie brands and believe in practices such as ethical labor and sourcing of materials.

With regard to representation, it is also important to them that people from all walks of life are represented, particularly POC, LGBTQ, and those with disabilities. They support companies that are transparent with their advocacies, especially on social issues.

Functional and Unique PiecesAs to the actual clothing, a percentage of millennials favour functional pieces that are long-lasting because they want a return on their investment and value for their money. Millennials are also attracted to brands in the industry that are very involved and transparent in the making of their products. They even support indie artist products via crowdfunding sites because they are more likely to put their money on passion projects that cater to unique issues.

Millennials also believe in styles that are personalised or made for them. That is why companies are dishing out a range of items for everyone to choose from. Whether the youth are shopping for a new pair of trousers or skirt, there should be something that fits every body type out there. They are also into clothing lines that allow them to customise according to what they see fit.

With that said, it is not very hard to figure out what clothes millennials would go for, for every season. Warm and cozy are staples during the harsh season, but fun and style should not be completely taken out of the equation. Here are some winter fashion styles you should check out:

Winter Florals

Blooms no longer belong to spring and summer as floral prints are hot for autumn and winter 2018. From the runway to the streets, from dainty, to neon, to dark flowers, florals seem to be the print staple to close the remainder of the year. It’s happening on maxi and mini dresses, tops, outerwear, and even accessories.

’70s Are Back

The seventies never, left but they’re always making a comeback, and this year, the iconic garments from the era are popping up again. All the trendy clothing take on a distinct colour palette of earthy tones like brown, which did not receive as much favour as it did today during that time. Pairing brown with black is becoming the new norm as it graced runways in multiple fashion weeks around the world.

Wild Cats

Animal prints are in this season, and it’s mostly from wild cats. You’ll soon see thick faux fur coats with prints, including leopard print, maybe at the first hint of snow. While using real animals to make fur is generally frowned upon, the good news is that top luxury brands are no longer practicing that, now more aware of environmental preservation.

Extreme Layering

While you are expected to cover up during the colder months, the fashion houses have taken it to the next level. Extreme layering has been gracing the runway, and the look is about covering up with no skin in sight, save for the face, from head to toe. Modesty is in, and primness is in fashion, which is just as well because all that covering up will protect you from the cold.

High-Shine Fabrics/Gloss

Glossy fabrics aren’t popular in streetwear as they are in high fashion, but with the high-shine fabrics that have been on the runway this year, it seems that their popularity on the street may be imminent. Some glossy garments made into top and pants look so comfortable. Pair them with a classic trench coat and other outerwear, and then you may have something edgy in your streetwear repertoire this winter.

Prioritise Comfort

Fashion is always nice, and it is a good outlet for self-expression, but during the cold season, learn to prioritise comfort first above else if you haven’t already. You don’t have to lose an arm and a leg in order to be fashionable.

You can take a look around in your closet and find looks that are considered trendy today and build your wardrobe around it. If not, you can take your unused or old clothes and sell them online for extra money. Remember that you don’t have to keep up with the current looks if you don’t want to, and it’s okay.

What do you think are the millennial tastes when it comes to fashion and its industry? Share your opinion below.


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