Improving Your Health and Fitness From Home

Improving Your Health and Fitness From Home


From losing weight to increasing energy, the benefits of good health and fitness are vast. But what about for those of us with busy lifestyles? Maybe we’re at the office, in the car or away on business. This can sometimes leave not much time for making changes and improvements. As a result, we have to look to our home environments to help us out.

With this in mind, the article looks at a number of ways that you can improve your health and fitness from the comfort of your own home.


Instead of grabbing a coffee on the way to the gym, or a pre-made smoothie packed with sugar, make one at home. This way you know exactly what has gone into it, and are in control of what you are putting in your body. While an espresso might give you an instant hit, the benefits of a homemade smoothie will be far longer lasting.

This article lists 10 Smoothies for All-Day Energy. One combines Mulberry, Lavender and Kale, and promises to boost digestion and keep your heart healthy. It also includes banana, cashews and vanilla.

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Home Gym

Home gyms can be dismissed as being too expensive. However, you should think again. Premium gym membership can be extremely costly. Consider how much it would cost to go for the length of time at-home equipment will likely last. Say you get four years out of your equipment. Chances are a gym membership for four years will be way more expensive than buying the equipment yourself and maintaining it well. Plus, home gyms come with added benefits. There is no need to commute or travel. You can pick your own hours (no off-peak and peak membership here!). You can choose your own music, and there will be no queues waiting for machines. As well as the standard items, like treadmill and crosstrainer, consider a Pull Up Mate. These offer versatility and are a non-obstructive shape and size. Don’t forget weights too; these allow you to mix cardio with strength training.

YouTube Videos

The wonder of the internet! The invention and success of YouTube has given us all fantastic access to free instruction videos. This means no more buying DVDs that get scratched after a couple of months. It also means a far wider variety; as you improve in ability, you won’t need to pay even more to move up to the next level. This hilarious feature from Buzzfeed UK is about one girl who tried eight different exercise videos in a day. As a rookie to fitness, she struggled! But even still, it will give you a source of eight videos you might want to check out.

Pedalling While Watching TV

There is nothing wrong with crashing in front of the TV every now and again; especially after a busy and demanding week. But you can still get fit while you’re doing this. Use a wrist strengthener if your hands are free. Or a mini pedal exerciser if you want to work on your legs. Both of these fitness items are compact and affordable but can make a real difference. A guilt-free Netflix binge can be yours at last!  

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