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Weddings are about putting on a show and impressing the guests and as the bride, it’s up to you to make sure that happens. Of course, weddings are also about the vows and the lifetime commitment you are making to someone you love. The thing is, when you get invited to a wedding you as the guest are not thinking about the vows and the commitment. The guests think about the food and the music and the dancing that’s ahead. They think about the perfect wedding guest outfit they need to shop for and they wonder what kind of fun and games you have in store for them, because Anna’s wedding last year had a magic show with real rabbits, and wouldn’t that be fun!?     



As a bride, that’s a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders when you already have so much to think about. You’ve been dreaming about this day your entire life, ever since Cinderella lost her shoe and married Prince Charming. You need to organise your wedding exactly how you have always dreamed it, and then think about the ways you want to entertain your guests for the night. It’s not just the DJ and the dances you have to think about anymore. English weddings are not always known for their sunshine, but for their unpredictable weather, so make your entertainment versatile enough that if the heavens open and the rains begin, you have a back-up plan! So many guests expect something spectacular at a wedding and if you want to stun them and impress them, check out our list of unique wedding entertainment ideas:






  • Outdoor Games: If you are planning to get married in the summer months, you can almost predict that the skies will not open above you. This isn’t always a guarantee, so choose to erect a huge marquee on country grounds. In here, you could have huge outdoor games such as giant snakes and ladders, jenga and skittles. These oversized games can keep your guests entertained and on a warm summer day, they’re perfect.
  • Caricaturists: These guys are brilliant at weddings. Paying a caricaturist to draw your guests during the reception can equal a unique gift for them to take home. Talented, worth the money and a talking point!
  • Magicians: Not just for children’s parties, magicians can still impress your guests whatever their age. Card tricks, coin tricks and even a sneaky live rabbit trick can go down brilliantly. Magicians are also fantastic for during speeches to keep a small group of younger children entertained.
  • Children’s Entertainment: Not all entertainment has to be for the grown-ups. Weddings can be boring for children, the pauses between food, speeches where they have to sit still and the sheer pressure to behave and be quiet can be a lot! Organise face painters and balloon modellers like these to keep children happy and busy.
  • Photo Booths: You’ve seen the silly frames and accessories that make up the professional wedding photos, right? If you have the chance, hire a company like to set up a photo booth for your guests, you’ll not stop laughing all night. Get silly, make faces and make memories with all your favourite people at your wedding.


  • Cool Down: Planning a summer wedding? Instead of handing out canapes, why not hand out small ice lollies? Pay for an ice cream van like this one to turn up in the evening for a 99 for each guest. It’s unique, it’s fun and they’ll be talking about it for years.
  • Fireworks: Weddings may be all about the fireworks going off in your tummy as you exchange your vows, but what about some actual fireworks? Weather and laws permitting, organising a mini firework display to move into marriage with a bang will be an excellent send off for your honeymoon! 
  • Wait Staff: Waiters at a wedding who serve the food are always a class act, but if you hired waiters who can carry a tune and sing together in a Glee-style performance, people will be clapping and joining in as they eat!
  • Background Music: It’s lovely to have a band or DJ in the evening of a wedding for dancing, but if you want to really set a beautiful wedding mood why not hire a pianist to play live music while your guests eat? It’s not really done; normally people use an iPod and a docking station to play music during the food. Live music is always more appreciated and remembered.
  • Evening Drinks: If you are hiring a separate drinks package for your evening party, why not hire in some professional cocktail makers like these? You can have your guests whooping with delight as they concoct some fruity drinks a la Tom Cruise in the film, well, Cocktail! Entertaining, funny and awe-inspiring all at once, your guests will be impressed with the performance. 
  • Sweet Delights: Chocolate fountains, sweet carts and candy floss machines will always be appreciated by guests young and old at a wedding. The element of sweet after a filling wedding meal will be loved so set out nibbles from fruit to breadsticks on cocktail sticks and let your guests tuck in.



  • Ice, Ice, Baby: Ice sculptures like these adorning the entrance to the venue can be an impressive way to show your guests just how much effort you have put into your night.

When all is said and done, your wedding night can be the most entertaining and memorable night of your life. Guests will always appreciate the effort you have put in for them and you will be able to round off your night with a lot of fun and games. Providing some flip flops for guests to dance in will always be well received and you can make a lifelong impact on all your friends and family.

Make your wedding the one everyone talks about, and Anna’s wedding from last year will be a mere speck of a memory. Your wedding, your life, your entertainment will all be remembered forever

Naomi Isted
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