Important Things to Know Before You Color Your Hair

Colouring the hair

Colouring the hair is one of the most crucial parts of hair treatment. Most ladies tend to dye their hair in their own house. However, it is important to consult your hairstylist before selecting a color and a brand. You should have sound knowledge of the colour that is going to look good on your hair and go with your face. There are various other aspects of dying your hair that you should have proper knowledge about. Without knowing the particulars, you can damage your hair as well as the scalp. Here’s what you should do before coloring your hair.

Book an appointment

It is important that you are on a similar page with your hair stylist when you want a particular color. This is why you should ensure that you book an appointment 15 minutes before the actual booking time. A consultation is necessary and without consultation, you might not be happy with the results. It has often been seen that you want something else and your colorist gives you something that is entirely different. This is why you should meet your colorist before you get the treatment done. Doing so will allow you to know about the shade as well as the technique, which will look best on you. For instance, the plum hair color normally goes well with short or long hair.

Important Things to Know Before You Color Your Hair

Apply mask to your hair

Most of the women go to the colorist with a dry hair. Applying colour directly on the dry hair can cause serious problems to your hair. It can hinder the growth of your hair and take away the volume and the shine, and make your hair look dull. This is why you should apply oil or mask on your hair the day before you are going to get your hair coloured. This helps in hydrating the hair and preparing it for the tedious coloring process. Experts have suggested that you can leave the mask or the oil for a long time in order to keep your hair moisturized.

Colouring the hair

Know your hair texture

Hair texture makes a lot of difference when it comes to coloring your hair. The time taken by the hair to absorb the colour is completely dependent on the texture that it has. If your hair is coarse, it normally takes more time whereas fine hair takes less time to absorb the colour. Consult your stylist to find out the quality of your hair and ask recommendations from him or her. The strand test is extremely important to predict the time that will be taken to colour the hair.

Do not shampoo your hair before colouring

You should not shampoo your hair before coloring as it can take away the natural oil, which is responsible for protecting the scalp during the process of coloring. However, you can shampoo your hair 24 hours before coloring the hair.

You should not neglect your hair but make sure that you follow the proper procedures for hair coloring to keep your hair protected and healthy.

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