If You’re Struggling To Get Pregnant, You Need This Advice

If You’re Struggling To Get Pregnant, You Need This Advice


I don’t want to worry wannabe parents, but we often think of pregnancy as something that’s almost inevitable after sex. After all, we warn teenagers all the time to use protection if they don’t want to get pregnant, don’t we. But actually, if you’re having sex at the right time, with no protection, there’s still only a five percent chance that you’ll get pregnant. That brings me to the first important piece of advice if you’re trying to get pregnant. Make sure you’re having sex a lot because you need to put the odds back in your favour. Then there’s the issue with age. A lot of people are having kids a lot later in life now. But after you hit thirty, the chances of you not getting pregnant rise by about ten percent. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. There are things you can do if you’re struggling to get pregnant.

Don’t Panic

One of the main issues for couples who struggle to conceive is definitely stress. If you put too much pressure on yourself, then you’re not going to perform. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re fretting and worrying about the outcome, you may never see a positive result. This is one of the reasons perhaps why people who get pregnant weren’t expecting it. They weren’t trying and instead it just happened naturally. Society doesn’t help these days with tests you can take now just a few days after intercourse. If it doesn’t happen you put more pressure on yourself and again, this lowers your chances. Stay calm, try to forget and if it happens it happens.

Wait A Few Months

You should try and conceive for roughly six months before you start to worry that something is wrong. After that time, you may want to see a doctor but until then be patient. Again, it can seem like people always get pregnant as soon as they start trying. You might have spoken to a friend or family member who conceived on the first go. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to have the same experience. It’s far more likely that it takes a little longer to see any results.

Speak To A Fertility Expert

If there is a problem, that doesn’t mean you have to give up. There are plenty of other options such as visiting a clinic like Genesis Fertility. Packed with experts with a wealth of experience, clinics like this can help couples even if the outlook does look bleak. Miracles do happen, and people who thought they’d never have kids can get pregnant. This isn’t just wishful thinking, it’s a real possibility so don’t fall into despair. Sometimes it just takes a little more work to get things where they need to be.

Consider Other Options

Finally, you can consider more alternatives such as IVF or even adoption. Looking at it this way, you can never say it’s impossible to have a child. It might just be different from how you thought it would be. But make no mistake, being a parent will feel just as wonderful no matter how that new life comes into your world.

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