The Strength Starter – 6 Tips on Selecting the Ideal Gym Equipment For Your Needs

The strength starter

The Strength Starter – 6 Tips on Selecting the Ideal Gym Equipment For Your Needs

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The strength starter – Selecting the ideal gym equipment can be a matter of trial and error and research to figure out exactly what is going to be the best option to suit your needs. Figure out your goals first, and work backwards from there, choosing the equipment that’s going to lead to the steps closer to those goals.

Start Small

If you’re a veteran of the weight room then you might have a solid idea of exactly what equipment you need and will get the most use out of, and what can be left out. However, if you’re a beginner, then the best advice is to start small.

If you have the space to start with a squat rack, that is a great start. But don’t go overboard buying a heap of benches and dumbbells straight off the bat. Instead, try getting some kettlebells, which are versatile and can be used for a range of exercises.

Resistance bands are also a great workout tool that take up almost no space in your setup and are cheap to buy. Figure out exactly what you need and will use and grow your gym as your needs and strength also grows.

Don’t Skimp On Quality 

By starting small, you can gradually build up your equipment and buy things over the course of months, even years. So, spread the cost out and don’t go for cheap options. Cheap equipment can potentially be dangerous to use and will most likely break before you get a decent amount of use out of it. Check out Little Bloke Fitness for a range of great equipment.


This is a simple one – but the weight of your equipment should not exceed the weight that your floor can handle. Be sure to figure out exactly what you can put down so that you don’t cause serious damage to the structure of your room.


Go for rubber mats, or put foam tiles over your floor to give as much protection as you can. You want something with some spring in it and that isn’t going to tear when it has gym equipment dragged or dropped on it. You can also go for something like astroturf, which is great for functional training and sleds.

Get the Right Cardio Equipment 

Get what’s right for your needs. Are you planning on spending time on a treadmill or bike? Do you enjoy skipping? Or why not get a few options. Get what works for you, try not to waste money and space buying things that you aren’t necessarily going to use.

Try some foam rollers as well for warming down and stretching. Using a foam roller after a cardio session can do your recover a world of good.

Boxing and Medicine Balls

Don’t stay focussed on just getting free weights and a cardio machine. Adding a boxing bag and speed ball to the mix can spice up your training and give you huge fitness benefits. Medicine balls are also a great tool for developing core strength and can be added easily to circuit training sessions. They are great to have around and don’t take up much room.

Mix and match, don’t just stock up on generic items. Find ways to keep your workouts exciting. Experiment with a range of equipment and buy what is practical, cost effective, and is going to get you the best results with the most enjoyment. Because, in the end, working out should be fun, or at least rewarding. You want to leave your work out feeling energized for the rest of the day.

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