How to Start Your Lifestyle Blog Today

How to Start Your Lifestyle Blog Today

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Everyone’s life is a source of inspiration, and you can turn your lifestyle into a great product by starting your own lifestyle blog. These blogs offer advice, insights, and even updates on your life that others can aspire and use to help themselves. Everyone has a lifestyle blog that they like, but if you want to start a successful lifestyle blog, you need to follow this guide:

  1. Find Your Niche

There are a lot of lifestyle blogs out there. So many, in fact, that it’s easy to start and manage one, but you’ll soon find out that getting readers is a constant, uphill battle. Instead of trying to make a product that is like so many others, however, you should find your niche. The smaller the niche, the better. Although you won’t be able to write for a wide audience, you are likely to attract a small, dedicated community. You can even ask this community to help you manage your blog by paying you a small amount per post, even if it’s only 10 cents. When you provide content that can’t be found anywhere else, you’ll find people who are happy to support you.

We are all unique in our own ways. Find what makes you unique and start your lifestyle blog in a niche that reflects you and your interests.

  1. Create High Quality Content

The more your content is shared and talked about, the higher you will rank on Google’s searches. You will also benefit from having your work read by more and more people. Create high quality content, because anything less won’t help you.

Tip: Not all shares will be trackable, and that’s okay. If your work is shared directly to another’s private message, then you’re guaranteed an organic, interested reader. The only downside is that you won’t have the analytics data.

  1. Start a Vlog

People love multi-media, so if you want to have a successful lifestyle blog, you should also consider starting an accompanying vlog. Having multiple channels that will help you tell your story will bring in people who enjoy all types of media, and it doesn’t have to cost you extra.

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Have a Vlog on YouTube and you can easily embed all your videos onto your blog for free. As a bonus, you’ll also introduce yourself to YouTube’s extensive community. Up your chances of getting noticed by customizing your YouTube channel with a YouTube channel art maker, and start your vlog today.

  1. Be Engaged

There’s a whole world of blogs out there, and engaging with them will help you promote your own blog, help you learn, and can even help you make friends.

Lifestyle blogs are a great way to turn your life and interests into a marketable business. The more popular you are, the more options you have. Eventually you could become popular enough to turn your lifestyle blog into a full-time job, and when you do you’ll achieve the dream everyone has – to work doing what you love.

Naomi Isted
Editor in Chief, Naomi Isted is known as The Ultimate Lifestylist to her readers and viewers. She is a TV Presenter and Columnist. Ranked in the Top 100 LFW Social Media Influencers AW14 & SS15, Brand Ambassador for Pears Soap UK. Her Celebrity beauty TV Series currently airs to 27million homes on Physique TV in UAE, previously on Wedding TV in the UK. She brings fashion and beauty advice to her readers and viewers on a daily basis. She is Fashion and Beauty Columnist for Herald Scotland and has a Fashion and Beauty Bridal Blog for HELLO. She can usually be found attending celebrity fashion and beauty events in and around London and sharing the latest fashion and beauty trends with her readers.

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