How To Work Out Properly

How To Work Out Properly

No workout is complete without it giving your body all the necessary moves it needs in order to become fitter and healthier. The web is full of questions about what the proper workout is but the truth is there is no simple answer. Some exercises are designed to help you lose weight, and others are there to keep your muscles toned and healthy.

Whereas there is no single way of exercising, a good workout routine will be one that allows your body to be flexible in many different positions and helps work a lot of muscles simultaneously.

If you are unsure as to what kind of workout you should be doing, follow the below steps and find out whether you can train your body correctly with the suggestions we have given.

Step aerobics

A great way to get your heart pumping, step aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines fast movements with stretching routines. Step aerobics is meant to help with all elements of fitness including muscular strength and cardiovascular health, and it is usually practised solo or in a group under the instructions of a mentor by using a step on which participants stand in between routines. Please keep in mind that hip flexor strains are common in step aerobics and as a result, booking a sports massage will be advisable if you decide to practise this sport. Massaggi has more information for aerobic enthusiasts like you.

Push Ups

Push Ups are great for working out the entire body, and they tend to help burn a significant amount of calories. If you think your chest muscles should be tighter in order for you to be able to show these in your favourite bikini over the summer, pushups will be the activity you need to turn to. The best way to do push-ups is to lay down on the floor and put your palms on the side of your shoulders but far enough from these so that you can lift yourself with ease. Your feet should be positioned firmly together, and you should start pushing yourself away from the floor and then coming back down again until your chest touches the surface underneath you. Make sure your hips are kept lifted, and your core is engaged throughout the exercise. Here’s how to do a proper pushup.


An excellent exercise to have a perfectly rounded bottom, the bridge is more comfortable to perform than push ups. If you do this exercise regularly, it will also help you keep your back straight and pain-free. As your back might hurt if you don’t use anything in between this and the floor, it will be advisable if you use a mat on which you can lay. To perform this exercise, you will need to lay down on the floor (or carpet) and lift yourself up from it by using your hips as the power source. Your body should now be in a straight line between your shoulders and your hips, and you should keep this position for about 30 seconds before you lower your hips back again. You should repeat this exercise about four times before resting on the mat, ahead of you completing any further activities.


Quite similar to the push up is the plank, which is also performed facing the floor. The difference between a pushup and a plank is that in the latter there is no movement and that this is accomplished with your forearms resting on the floor and not your palms as with the pushup. The secret to a good plank is to keep your back straight, and if you are able to do this you will perform a plank that could, depending on the strength of your upper body, see you keep in position for minutes. If you are not an expert at producing planks you should start with 30-second intervals and then up your time. Planks give you a toned belly, reduce back pain and provide your body with greater flexibility.

All of the above exercises are a great start if you want to train your body and ensure this stays fit and healthy. The secret behind every exercise routine is to make sure you stay hydrated and perform the workout progressively and moderately. If you have any existing medical conditions, you should contact your GP or hire a fitness instructor who will show you what the best way is to train your body without this being prone to injury or harm.

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