How to travel with a baby

How to travel with a baby

How to travel with a baby

Travelling with a baby, especially if it’s your first, is a whole new experience; exciting but daunting and totally different from when you (and your partner) would simply book a flight or jump in the car with a small bag and go.

Everyone needs a break sometimes, but it is not the spontaneous adventure that it once was. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean that you can’t go anywhere. There are lots of exciting places to visit, near or far, and with the right planning, you and your family can have a great break and change of scenery.

Booking Accommodation

When you are choosing your accommodation, check out exactly what they can provide for babies or small children. If necessary, give them a call just to check. Most hotels will offer a full complement of items for young ones such as cribs (with or without bedding you need to find out), high chairs and even baby bathtubs. It is worth asking if you will have access to laundry facilities, it’s amazing how many outfits little ones can go through on a daily basis, and if they have laundry, you will not need to pack as many. Once you have checked out what they have, you will know what is missing and what you need to take. Travel cribs are available to buy if they are not provided, and you can be guided as to the best ones to get through friendly advice or the internet, and you will be able to use these again and again.

What else to take with you

You will need clothes for your little one and any of the favorite toys or comforters that they simply can’t leave at home. Unless you are staying out in the wild, there should be local stores to buy any necessary items so don’t pack these (not forgetting you will need some diapers on your journey, so make sure you have enough). If you are bottle feeding, then you can buy formula in the local store but remember to take sufficient bottles and your sterilizing unit, together with your child’s own tumblers, snack dishes and spoons if they are starting to feed themselves. You should also pack extra toys and activities to keep the little one entertained such as a variety of storybooks. Or you could learn how to create paper airplanes on origami way and create something together and play for hours without spending a dime!

What time to travel

If you are flying (challenging but possible with little ones) then you are tied to the timetables of your travel provider. However, if you are driving yourself, why not consider starting off in the evening and driving through the night? If your little one is sleeping through, simply get them off in their traveler seat and when they are settled, pop them in the car and set off? You will find this is less stressful for the child and they will awake in a new place, once you have arrived, refreshed and ready for a new day.

Don’t forget

Every day is a new day for you and your new family, so don’t forget your camera, or maybe you use your mobile phone or tablet, and take photos of your first holiday together to treasure those precious memories in the family album.

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