How To Take A Great Selfie

How To Take A Great Selfie


Taking a great selfie is a trick we all need to have in our back pockets these days! These tips will help you on your way. Smile!

Consider your lighting

Good lighting equals good pictures. Standing next to a window will shine light on your hair and make it look healthy and glossy. Remember, though, never stand with your back to the light source. This will turn you into dark silhouette, which is not what you want!

Get friends and family involved

By turning your selfies into felfies, the vibe will become more relaxed! Grab the kids and make silly faces for family shots, or take pictures with the girls. You might learn some new tricks!

Use a fan

Not many of us have an industrial style fan to hand like the celebrities do. But how good does Beyonce look when she’s standing above a fan on stage? So, do the next best thing. Use a small hand-held fan when you’re taking selfies. It will add some natural movement to your hair and surroundings.

Remove your glasses

If you wear glasses, you might want to consider removing them for your selfie. They might reflect the flash from your camera, ruining the whole shot. If removing them again and again is getting boring, consider making a permanent improvement. Laser Eye Surgery Hub is one such place that can help you with this.

Make the most of your make-up

Highlighting products are especially handy when it comes to taking fabulous pictures. They come in powder, cream and liquid form. Whichever you prefer, dab a little onto the areas that the sun would naturally hit your face. So, that’s your nose, cheekbones and the centre of your forehead. Also, place a small amount on your cupid’s bow and in the very corners of your eyes. This way, you can take the light with you wherever you want to take your picture!

Use a selfie stick

You might feel a bit silly using a selfie stick at first, but you’ll get used to it. Start by practicing with in the home. They can do an amazing job of helping you create the most flattering angles.

Consider the background

A selfie with a great big pile of washing up in the background isn’t ideal! Before you begin snapping, take a close look at what is in the background. If there is anything there less than ideal, either have a quick tidy up or move somewhere else.


The best selfies are the ones where you look relaxed! Once you’ve done all the setting up, take a deep breathe and try to relax. It will show in your eyes and smile, and the end result will be a stunner.

Use apps to edit

There are lots of photo editing apps out there these days, and some of them are fantastic. You don’t just have to stick up a standard Instagram filter. Afterlight is one such app. Consider making the photo black and white for some Hollywood glamour, or make it Sepia for an old-worldy touch.

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