How To Stop A Hoarding Problem In Its Tracks

How To Stop A Hoarding Problem In Its Tracks

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Maybe somebody you love is displaying signs of a hoarding problem, or you’re starting to feel as if you’re developing a hoarding problem yourself. Whatever the case may be, these tips will help you to stop a hoarding problem in its tracks:

Sell Or Recycle Things You Haven’t Used In The Last Year

The first thing you need to do is assess your home and look at the things you haven’t used at all in the last year. Maybe even the last 6 months. These are the things you should be looking to sell, recycle, or simply throw in the bin.

Get Somebody You Trust To Help You

It can be hard admitting that you have a problem, but that’s the first step to recovering, and stopping the problem right now. Get somebody you trust to help you. Make sure this person is supportive of you and will be willing to help you work through the problem. If you’re worried about somebody you know, it could be a good idea to approach them when they’re in a good mood and suggest solutions to their problem. Make sure you choose the moment carefully to avoid putting them on their guard!

Put Things In A Holding Space

As getting rid of things when you have a hoarding problem can be so difficult, consider putting certain things into a holding space first. This could be the space of somebody you know, or even on demand storage. This storage option will pick up your things and bring them back for you, so you don’t really need to do anything. If you realize you didn’t need these things after all, it’s time to get rid of them for good.

Make Sure You Know Your Beliefs For Keeping Something

Try to get to the root of your beliefs as to why you want to keep something in the first place. Are you keeping it just in case? Do you think somebody else would want you to keep these things? Once you know the root, you can begin to recycle your beliefs and realize that they haven’t served you so far.

Think Carefully About The Things You Bring Home

Think very carefully about the things you bring home, as you will need to deal with them later on if you don’t use them. Be selective of the things you bring into your space.

Get Help Professionally

Although there are ways you can help yourself, you may very well need to get help professionally in order to eradicate your problem. If it’s severe, it’s more of a mental health issue. A professional should be able to help you see what needs to be done to get rid of your problem for good. This could be especially important if you’re hoarding things that will never come in handy, such as old newspapers. Some people really do hoard some gross things!

If you have a hoarding problem or suspect somebody does, use these tips to help get rid of it. It can take time, but it will be worth it.

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