How to Start a Coffee Shop That Will Be a Great Success

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A coffee shop can be a productive venture for the right person. But with so many coffee shops out there, you must know what you’re doing to create a place that will be successful and popular. Part of that means serving great drinks and food, but another part is the decor and atmosphere. Here are some easy ways to be the most successful coffee shop in town

Start from Scratch

To make your coffee shop truly one of a kind and a great success, don’t copy another shop’s concept. Instead, start from scratch and make yours unique and special. Pay attention to the menu, the decor, the music and atmosphere and the neighborhood you’re in. Catering to your specific clientele is a sure recipe for success.


Find a Good Location with Reasonable Rent

Even the best coffee shop will struggle to be successful if expenses are too high. For that reason, it’s important to scout locations and make sure that the rent you’ll be paying is reasonable in terms of what you expect to make in profits.


Consistently Serve a High-Quality Product

Not only will you make more money because you can charge more, but serving quality products brings in repeat customers. Cheap, poor tasting food isn’t going to bring back repeat customers or get your name out there but serving on the best will. Do some research to find exactly what you will be proud to serve.


Provide Great Customer Service

Even the best food and drink won’t bring customers back if your staff isn’t friendly and helpful. Provide training on how to approach and serve your clientele so that all your baristas are able to offer consistently great customer service all the time.


Create a Trendy, Relaxing Atmosphere

A coffee shop is meant for lingering over a hot drink while catching up with friends or enjoying a nice beverage while working. That means that to be successful, your coffee shop should be warm, inviting and conducive to relaxation. Provide a variety of comfortable seating options, music that’s played at the right volume and use paint colors and decor that are soothing and welcoming. If you have a patio, terrace or garden area, check out the Sling patio furniture buyer’s guide. Sling have been providing commercial outdoor furniture for patios, balconies, and pool areas for hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes for years and can help you create the perfect outdoor seating area.


Have an Excellent Selection of Pastries, Snacks and Healthy Alternatives

You definitely want to have something for everyone so your menu should be a well-rounded selection of drinks, treats, such as donuts and cakes, as well as snacks like trail mix and muffins. You’ll also want some healthy choices like fresh fruit and low-fat milk. This way, you can serve anyone who walks through the door.


Offer Loyalty Cards

Nothing brings a customer back like the lure of something for free. Loyalty cards reward your best customers with free drinks or food after a certain amount of money is spent or a certain number of visits has been reached. It’s an easy way to bring people back and make your coffee shop a huge success.


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